Why you Should not Use Wikipedia for your Essay

Wikipedia is the largest online database of information. It is largely used by students to dig out important information many of who add that information into their essays and other academic works. However, it is not considered as a reliable and credible source in the academic world.

Besides academic institutes, many writing companies that help students with their ‘write my essay’ requests also know that they cannot add Wikipedia as a reference source in the paper. But, do you know the reasons why it is forbidden?

Below are some reasons due to which students should not consider Wikipedia as a reference source.

1. Wikipedia said It: It is mentioned on the official Wikipedia website that the information presented on the site is not properly vetted for credibility and reliability. It says that they do not expect us to believe them and that they are only fact collectors, not a reliable source.

2. Anyone can Edit on It: Unlike a reputable website or source, Wikipedia is open to edits and anyone can do it. This simply means that the viewers can edit any information without proper knowledge and the official site reviewers may not even know about it. This is why you cannot be sure if the information is true.

3. No Author Information: Wikipedia does not have any author information about the contributors, which means that no one knows who wrote the price. For an academic reference, mentioning the author’s name and other credentials is essential. You must know who is the person who wrote it and if he is reputable.

4. The Editors and Reviewers are Insufficiently Active: The staff editors and reviewers at Wikipedia are not as active as they should be. There has been a number of cases, with John Seigenthaler’s case being one of the most famous in these regards, where false information was posted and went unnoticed for a significant period of time.

5. False Information: People can add false information about anything on it. One another reason in this regard is that the Wiki editors with maximum authority also exercise their powers in questionable ways. They delete or modify information that is conflicting with their interest.

Due to all of these reasons, Wikipedia is not considered fit to be added into citation and references. However, it is a good source to get general information for a start.