Understand schizophrenia and learn how to deal with its patients


Hearing voices, seeing someone that you have never seen before, feeling that something is leaving your body, imagine zoning out of reality, imagine all your surrounding becoming silent and everything stops at its place and you finding yourself in a new, different place that you have never visited before. 

Imagine attending a lecture in class, and someone saying Hi to you, and you greet them back.

 Now imagine your classmates giving a weird look… for greeting nothing…

Now imagine yourself hearing voices that you have never heard before.

Those voices telling you that you are a terrible person and you will never achieve anything in life…The voice saying the meanest things to you.


Sounds okay?

Nope. This is what schizophrenia patients go through.

If someone tells you that they are from Mars and some mars lord is will attack earth and spread destruction here. Will you believe them?

No, you will laugh and consider it a childish joke. But this sometimes the reality for schizophrenia patients.  


Schizophrenia is a brain disorder. That confuses the mind of a patient and he starts struggling with staying in touch with reality. Sadly even in this century many of the health problems are a taboo. Discussing them, treating them and living with their patients is subjected to criticism, even by the most educated population.  Click on how to write an annotated bibliography on schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia, the most misunderstood disease:

Above are all the characteristics of schizophrenia. But this is different for every patient. No two patients of schizophrenia experience similar symptoms. Symptoms are different in every patient.

  • Two schizophrenics with similar symptoms will experience the disorder differently in its degree of occurrence and severity.
  • Patients with this illness are not mad. They can live a better life.
  • It is similar to those physical diseases that can be cured.
  • Just like blood pressure, it can be controlled, but patients need to seek tits treatment.

What causes it?

 In men, schizophrenia signs usually start to appear in the early 20’s while in women they start at the late ’20s. According to research around 100 types of different genes can contribute to it. It is still unknown what actually triggers this gene. To get your essay written on schizophrenia, click on how to write my essay.

Anxiety and expressive events are the most common triggers. 

Patients with this order find it difficult to live a normal life. As they continuously face the challenge of separating reality with the unreal situations that they face.

If you have someone in your family, relatives, or friends who have schizophrenia, read our following advice to help you deal with their condition wriiten by essay writer


  • Get yourself educated


One of the most important things that anyone can do for schizophrenia patients is to educate themselves about the condition. Understand this issue will help you see the problems that patients face for real. You won’t judge them wrongly afterward for their weird reactions, which is the most important thing for patients that people stop considering them mad. Schizophrenic patients,  need a similar type of support and care like the patients with physical health problems.  


  • Listen to them


Best support that you can provide to patients of schizophrenia is that you start to listen to them. When you are suffering from any mental disorder, all you want is someone to hear you out that what you are going through. All patients needs are the ears who are ready to listen without judgment, without interruption. 

If you have a friend who has schizophrenia, hear them out. Show empathy, kindness, and love.  


  • Accept the problem


It is draining for the family and friends to deal with the patient, which often makes them delusional. They start to advise the patients that all of their feelings are unreal that they are the ones creating them and everything is fine and okay. Or maybe they are seeing scary movies or didn’t felt slept well, etc.  

Believe me, this is an unsupportive attitude. Acting like the problem doesn’t exist won’t solve the issue instead it will make it more badly.

Accept that your friend has a problem.


  • Take them to the doctor


Find the best doctor and convince the patient to seek medical help. They might reject this idea or act extremely difficult, but please make them seek medication. 

It is not the type of disorder that has no cure. With proper medication, lifestyle change and support, these patients can live a successful, happy life.