Tips To Craft An Amazing Book Review

Writing a book review is a typical assignment that most high school students are assigned with. Students often do not like to write such assignments as they are too lazy in reading the entire book. While others feel inadequate to introduce their opinions on the work by renowned writers.

Teachers assign you such tasks because they expect the students to write their own opinions and understanding into the piece of writing. They don’t anticipate that you should write professionally to match the level of these expert authors. Their only reason is to assess your capacity to comprehend the content and your research abilities.

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On the other hand, you can also write it yourself if you answer the following questions.

  • What is the fundamental argument or thesis that the book revolves around?
  • What genre or field does the book have?
  • Do the book spread its central matter and subject effectively?
  • What was the writer’s approach to present the occurrences?
  • What thought or exercise did the writer need his audience to get?
  • What was the author’s perspective? How did he/she convey it?
  • Was the creator fruitful in conveying his point to the audience?
  • Did the writer support his claim? If yes, what type of evidence did he use?
  • Was the evidence persuasive?
  • Did the writer convince you to agree with his interpretation of the problem?
  • How different is the book from the real-life scenario?
  • Were you be able to identify it?
  • Did the writer present any conflictual or controversial thoughts or information?
  • Did the book help improve your insight on the topic and how?
  • Was the closure very much organized or unexpected? Was it persuasive?
  • Would you recommend the book to other people?

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