The Right Way To Outline Your Essay

Students hate getting essays as their college assignments because they believe it to be a boring and exhausting assignment.

On the off chance that you are somebody who sees essay writing as a difficult job, you have a solution for that. In such a case, you can follow an appropriate essay outline that assists you with writing your essay easily while guaranteeing a consistent flow.

Your essay outline acts as a skeleton that holds the whole writing piece together. Typically, an outline comprises an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.

While creating an essay outline, write down the significant elements that you will include in these sections. Your outline will be the placeholder for the data you present in your essay.

Most of the students prefer to hire a professional essay writer to get done with this task. On the other hand, you can also structure your outline by keeping in mind the following points.


The introduction of an essay is comprised of three vital components – hook sentence, historical background, and the thesis statement.

The hook is an engaging statement is considered as an attention grabber to attract the audience. Next, you must present the topic by introducing relevant data to make it simpler for the reader to comprehend. In conclusion, end your introduction with the thesis statement that is a critical piece of your essay.

Thesis statement 

A thesis statement is composed to emphasize the importance of your theme under examination. Additionally, it acts as a guiding element and motivation behind the essay for the audience. Since it is the essence of your essay, ensure that it is strong, legitimate and justifiable.

Body paragraphs 

Generally, an essay comprises three body paragraphs that talk about the primary concerns of the essay. Start each body section with a topic sentence, talk about it in detail and give solid, authentic proof to help the point that you’re making.

Ensure that you just incorporate facts and evidence from reliable sources.


Avoid ending your essay unexpectedly. Your concluding paragraph is similarly as significant as the introduction. Outline the critical point, restate your thesis statement and leave the reader with an intriguing statement or a call-to-action.

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