The power of YOU

The Power of muscles, power of feelings, power of emotions, and power of tie… you must be familiar with such kinds of powers.

Power is energy and drive that makes us accomplish goals and take control of the situations. Power itself is considered as unseen energy that makes things possible but Power can be described as realization. You can have this energy, and you can stay unaware of it, believing you all life that you actually don’t have it.

Teenage years and early adulthood is the most conflicting time of our lives. When you are in school or college, the lack of energy, zeal, and enthusiasm is often lacking is some students. This proves to be true if we look at the present stats of depression. It seems like depress students population is increasing. More and more students have started to feel lost and disconnected to their own selves and the situations around them. Compare and contrast essays can also prove this fact.

Do you know why that is?

It’s because this young population is first of its kind that has started to look outward. These millennials are the first generation that is given so much outward power that it has started to destroy them. More and more children are looking outward for the solutions of simple life problems. Baby boomers were the creators who have worked hard to create a life for themselves and their families. Millennials are born in a time where they have everything available, from TV to personal smartphones. These have been so busy looking outward they have stopped looking inside themselves.

Maybe you are one of them.

Always looking for solutions outside yourself is the biggest problem. 

Leaning on friends to assist you, to help you with sorting your emotions, depending on your siblings to help you with taking the decisions, and always believing that your parents will save you from tragedies have become the death of your trust. Your trust has been broken multiple times. And all you feel is alone and tarnished.

But whose fault was that? 

Only Yours.

You have been giving power to others.

You never realized the power of you!

Putting your trust in something or someone that is not you is your biggest issue. To understand the power you have that you can use to bring humongous change in your life, read the following pointers.


Realize the fact that you were born alone; you were one bod, one heart and one should. You always have been with you. When no one is in your home, you eat with yourself, you sleep with yourself, and you wake up with your own self. 

In the darkest times like exams, you have been for yourself. You have tried to create solutions to your problems. When you were having difficulty writing an essay you searched on how to write my essay, not your friend. During your losses you stood up for yourself and, maybe you didn’t, but still, you were there for you.


Understand this part that you have been sticking with yourself all along. Was it rough?

Yes. Because you never did it intentionally. You were with you by default not by choice. And this is your biggest strength. Imagine how much you would have achieved if you have tried to be there for you intentionally.

You are your Power Bank 

Situations are rough, and sometimes you can’t find a solution on Google or by discussing it with a friend. It does not mean that you start to cut off others or never expect anything from others. You the actual person that you should be expecting from is you. 

No one will ever know you as you know yourself.

Even if you have a conflict with your own self, others won’t be able to solve it for you. If you can’t sort out your feeling how others will be able to do it? They can’t go into your mind, feel with your heart and walk in your shows but you can always find outward inspiration.


Understand your inner power. And in the tough situations start with accepting the responsibility. Accept that things are rough and then make yourself realize that it will pass. 

If you like or hate it, still things happen and dissolve in their own time by essay writer.

So take a deep breath, accept and then look for solutions within yourself.

Apply them patiently!

Keep applying and keep waiting.

Do your best! As all you have is you. And you can mindfully change things for you. Don’t expect the situation to change by itself; don’t wait for some human to rescue you. You have to be your own hero.

As YOU have the real power.