Right Way of Doing an Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is the most nerve-racking assignment for most of the students. There are two reasons for that. First, it needs a lot of hard work, dedication and research. Second, most of the students do not know the right way of doing it. And I believe the second one is the case of most of the students. To have an understanding, we must learn what an annotated bibliography is. . . 

What is an annotated bibliography?

It is not something like a monster, just an alphabetical list of all the sources that will be used in a research study along with the summary of each source. In addition to the summary, it also gives an insight into how this specific source is relevant in a certain study. The most important point of an annotated bibliography is selecting the right sources.

Selecting the Right Sources

Remember! The quality of your bibliography highly depends on the sources you use to create it. For this purpose, you have to define the scope of your research. Without doing this, most of the students select a topic and look for professionals who can write my essay and ask them, to make an annotated bibliography.  

It is true that most of the essay writing services can do an amazing annotated bibliography for you, but you must be aware of the limits of your research. Ask yourself several questions: 

What do I want to investigate? What questions is it going to answer? Is this a very general topic? How to make research topic a specific one? What kind of material do I need for my research (books, journals)? You will get to know all these important questions if you ask how to write an annotated bibliography

Summarize the Source

Once you are done selecting the source, the next job is to summarize the main argument of the source. Don’t panic! It is as easy as pie!

Just summarize the thesis of the source, methods that have been used to conduct the study, and the conclusion or findings of the study. Remember! It is not the same as listing the main contents of the source. The annotation tells why the contents of a source are there.

It must begin with, this article discusses this and that and seeks to find this and this employing this methodology. 

As simple as it seems . . . ! 

Read Carefully 

All you have to do while writing an annotated bibliography is to read the source strategically. 

  • Identify the Author’s thesis
  • Identify Key terms
  • Look at the organization of the text 
  • What are the main sections of the text? 
  • Look at the introduction and conclusion carefully. 

This will give you a deeper understanding of all the source. 

Assess the Relevance of Source

This is what an annotated bibliography asks for. You need to identify why this specific source is valuable for your research. Not only this you must know why are you using this source? But if you are doing annotated bibliography independently, you just have to tell why you are using this source. Just try to see how this source is helpful for you. 

If you have to know how this source is going to help or how you will be using it, you have to evaluate the quality of this source. What value does it bring? Does it define the problem very well? Does the methodology is very effective? Is the evidence good enough? What conclusions can you draw from the evidence? You have to obtain answers to these questions by keeping your project in mind.

Kinds of Annotated Bibliography Assignments 

Do not think that there is just one straight way to do an annotated bibliography. It differs depending on your teacher’s instructions and the course and discipline. All you have to do is pay attention to the requirements and instructions. 

This is it about annotated bibliography. I hope it has removed your fears of this assignment. Do let us know if it is so!