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Education is getting much complicated with the passage of time, and due to these reason students are found much stressed out as they face time management issues. Many students can’t afford the cost of education, and they often face homesickness, as they live far away from their families. Some students face challenges during their student life, as it is difficult for them to manage the pressure of studies. Students have to handle a massive load of assignments. They have to prepare for various exams and tests that cause difficulty in their way to maintain a sufficient balance between their social and educational goals. Many students are unable to complete their tasks on time, and there are few, who also plagiarize their assignments and remain unaware of it.

Many students do not have a good vocabulary. Every student is not having the same level of understanding. Many students are not able to understand everything. Teachers don’t pay much attention to every student in the class and solely due to this reason many students feel ignored. Weak students often need more support and care than others and for these parents often hire tutors for them. However, not all parents could afford tuition expense. 

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