Persuasive Essay Writing Guide, Ideas, and Topics

Every persuasive essay assignment comes with the confusion of persuasive essay topics and failure to obtain ideas for persuasive essays.

Writing a persuasive essay seems like a headache. Why is it so? Just because of the horrible long prompt shared by the teacher makes it sound a hefty task. It is a very simple thing to do if you have some good persuasive topics and you comprehend persuasive essays prompts.

Let’s jump into the main thing!

What is a persuasive essay?

Persuasive wiring takes many forms and names, such as an argumentative essay or a position paper. But whatever you call it, the goal remains the same, to convince the audience.

All you have to do is, using facts and logic, show why your side of opinion is legitimate than the other one. As simple as ABC.

To achieve this aim, you have to use some persuasive arguments backed by sound solid evidence, facts and quoting experts.

Steps to follow when planning a persuasive essay

Choose your Topic

Internet is full of persuasive paper topics and finding topics for a persuasive essay is very easy.

Search persuasive essay topics according to your academic level. But remember to choose something that excites you!

Choose your position

What is your stance on the topic? What issue or problem you will be discussing in the essay? This will tell you the purpose of your essay.

Who is your audience?

Whatever convincing topic you have chosen, you will not be able to convince the audience unless you know them. Decide what your audience thinks of your topic.

Research Well

Remember! You need to use various types of evidence in persuasive writing. But for this purpose, you need some extensive research on the topic.

Do not rely on your own knowledge and experience.

Expert opinion is a must!

Structure and organize your essay

A perfect essay follows a clear outline. A clear and crisp opening, taking the audience to details and evidence, showing the other side of an opinion and why it is not so valid and an impressive ending.

This is what makes an essay a stellar piece….!

How to make a convincing argument?

Here are the criteria that will guide you in creating an effective argument.

  • Sound knowledge about the topic, from the legitimate sources. That is why it is recommended to choose something that seems interesting to you.
  • A thesis that is debatable. For this check out some persuasive essay thesis examples or see a tutorial on how to write a thesis for a persuasive essay.
  • Counter arguments and refuting them with rigorous evidence.
  • Credible and reliable sources for information search and evidence.
  • Use a persuasive tone that could appeal to the audience, check out some persuasive language examples for this sake.
  • An impressive ending restating main points.

How to support your argument?

If you search persuasive argument ideas online, you will get countless results. The key ways to support your argument are:

Facts: They can come from reading and it is the most convincing way. Fact is something that can be proven.

Statistics: they are an excellent support to your argument but remember to use stats from credible sources.

Quotes: This is also called an expert opinion on a topic.

Examples: Use some real-life examples to support what you are saying.

This is all about persuasive writing guide. Happy Writing!