How to write a creative persuasive essay guide topics

One of the most common assignments students get is a creative persuasive speech essay topics in academic writing.  The function of this essay is to persuade the target audience, as simple as it sounds. This essay seems challenging to most of the students in United States and other countries, they are confused about ideas for persuasive essay and best persuasive essay topics. This blog has everything from topic ideas to tips and tricks.

How many essay writing assignments do you get in one semester? Word “a lot” will be the answer of most of you. Don’t you enjoy this variety of essays? Do you feel pressurized and overburdened? Do you think essay writing is a test from hell? Don’t despair! You are not alone. Among many other essays, persuasive papers and persuasive essays are a very common assignment.

The name “persuasive essays” seems very horrifying. It is the bitter reality of student life. Students are highly chaotic about how to title a persuasive essay, how to sound convincing, how to start a persuasive essay, what are good persuasive topics, how to end a persuasive essay? What does it take to connive the reader? And the list is very long . . . !

Then the question is, Can you skip this assignment? Can you do anything about it? No!

So, why not learn how to write a persuasive essay and how to make a convincing argument?

This bog will definitely make you a pro, experienced and will polish your persuasive writing skills. It has everything from how to choose a persuasive speech topic, how to write persuasively, and hacks to create a stellar essay.

In fact, this is a complete persuasive essay guide.

What is a persuasive essay?

A persuasive essay is also termed as an argumentative paper or a position paper. It takes many names. From all the titles, it is easy to predict that the persuasive essay serves a sole purpose, to convince the reader and bring them to your side.

It is the piece of writing which makes use of logic and reasoning to demonstrate that your point is more valid than others.

Of course, this is not possible without the persuasive argument, convincing topics and interesting essay. This is what makes this essay challenging of all.

“Good Ideas ought not to be dressed up in bad prose” Barbara Minto

What is the purpose of a Persuasive Essay?

As mentioned above, there is one purpose, to convince or to influence. Persuasion is a little different from the argument in which you debate. The persuasive essay writing has one thing in mind, I have to convince the reader at any cost.

You also need to keep this in mind while writing your essay. Put all your efforts, knowledge and skill in achieving this purpose.

When you finally understand what a persuasive essay is and you are ready to begin, the first thing to consider is topic. Looking for persuasive topics is the staircase to a good essay. Then come the writing and writing tips. We will look into each one by one.

Persuasive Essay Topics

So are you ready to ace your persuasive essay? If your teacher has assigned you a topic, well and good. But in most of the cases, it is the choice of the writer to choose the persuasive writing topics.

You may feel lucky that you can write on the topic of your choice. Keep in mind, you have to be very vigilant about topics for persuasive essays.

Don’t simply go for easy persuasive essay topics. If you google good topics for persuasive essays, you will get countless results. But the issue is the inability to choose the right one from the abundant topics available.

Here are my tips on selecting the topics for persuasive research papers and essays:

Stay out of common pitfalls

What should I write my persuasive speech on remains a dilemma!

No need to think a lot about the topics, otherwise this is a never-ending debate. No need to think if the topic is politically accurate or not, what if the professor rejects the topic. There is one thing about persuasive essays, their topic is generally controversial.

Simply think and search controversial persuasive topics.

Non-controversial speech topics do not work well for persuasive writing.

No need to be very conscious, go for creative persuasive essay topics.

What excites you? Go for it!

Choose something that excites you! If you do not know what excites you, find out!

Remember! Best topics for a persuasive speech are those that feel interesting to you. Take some time and think about what motivates you and choose accordingly!

Current Issues

Let me tell you another way to make your essays stand out, write about something that links with the current issues.

You will be pretty much familiar with what are the current topics of debate. If not, search for current persuasive speech topics online. This is an excellent and easiest way to generate topic ideas for a persuasive speech or an essay.

Jot down your Ideas

Do you think you have tons of ideas in mind? But when you sit down and start writing everything simply vanish. This is because most of the ideas are weak, or vague.

Whatever comes your mind, jot it down and this will lead you to one specific topic.

Example of Persuasive Essay Topics

Easy topics to write a persuasive essay on

  • Superhero movies aren’t “super.”
  • Violent games should be banned
  • Kids should be allowed to drink alcohol
  • Internet changes our lives negatively
  • Can’t China be a new superpower?
  • Should wind power be pursued as an alternative source of energy?
  • The first impression is never the last impression.
  • Participating in sports should be obligatory in school
  • Violent games don’t make players abusive
  • Textbooks have become obsolete

Good persuasive speech topics for college students

  • Universal truth exists
  • Churches should pay taxes
  • Teachers and students should not be friends on Facebook.
  • The death penalty is justified
  • Beauty contests should not be promoted
  • Media has no negative impacts
  • Capital punishment is not right
  • Does Sexual desire define human behavior?
  • Feminism today has lost its primary purpose
  • Art and music enhance creativity
  • Animal Testing should not be banned.
  • Animal testing should be banned
  • Same-sex marriage should not be banned
  • Identity theft is a big issue in the online world
  • Is stem cell therapy moral?
  • Polygamy should be banned.
  • Body Image is very powerful
  • Sex education should be given in childhood

Funny persuasive essay topics

  • Video games can and you a good job
  • What would happen if animals take over this world?
  • What makes a song worst?
  • How babies’ can change your life?
  • Why Mickey Mouse frightens
  • How to look busy while doing nothing?
  • How to fake an illness?

Persuasive Essay Guide

Once you are clear about how to choose the topic and with topic ideas, you must be thinking about how to write a good persuasive essay.

Now that you know enough about the topics, the next thing to learn is how to write a stellar persuasive essay.  The foundation of a great essay lies in its outline.

After you have selected the topic, you must keep the outline in mind while doing research.


The introduction has some background information and it must grab your reader’s attention.

Must include some background, show the significance of your topic. Must include a hook statement, and a crisp thesis.

Persuasive essay thesis is the most important part of a persuasive essay or a position paper.

I highly recommend you to check persuasive essay thesis examples online before you write your own thesis. It is the gist of your essay and you must not ignore it . . . !

Body of Essay

Let me tell you the secret of best persuasive essays, every piece of information is supported by the solid evidence.

Each paragraph must have a topic sentence and must have one argument backed by a piece of solid evidence.

Learn about the types of evidence in persuasive writing. They are factual, scholarly and credible. You can also use examples as evidence to reinforce your point.

When you do your research take care of which could be used as valid evidence in a persuasive essay? This is the most important thing . . . !


If you want to spice up your essay, must include counter-arguments and refute them.

Google counter argument examples persuasive essay and you will get many examples. Skip this step if you already know what I am trying to say.

Including counter-arguments will enhance your credibility as a writer and you will be able to persuade easily.

Concluding paragraph

In the end, the last confusion is how to conclude a persuasive speech or an essay.

Do not ever make the mistake putting all the effort in the introductory paragraph and ignoring the conclusion. I repeat never do this . . . !

This is the last chance to impress your reader. Let me tell you what makes a concluding paragraph stand out.

Summary of main points, re-statement of thesis and re-enforcing your position based on the points discussed.

Tips, Tricks and Hints

By then you know everything about the topic selection and the outline of a persuasive essay. Here are some additional tips and tricks that you must keep in mind if you want to nail this exercise.

Visibly mention your position

If you have not mentioned your position in the essay clearly, you have already lost your audience. Do not leave room for any confusion or ambiguity.

Your goals of persuasion will be dead if you do this. If you want to understand this in a better way, check an example of persuasive text or an essay online.

Make sure you are clear throughout the essay. Looking for a sample of persuasive writing won’t hurt!

Organize your content

Take care of the format and online. Most of the teachers put a high significance on this point.

Most of the persuasive essays or speech or text follow the same outline. Do not see so many persuasive writing samples, you may get confused. Just check one or two and start your own.

Five paragraphs persuasive essay is something recommended by most of the experts.

Choose something you’re passionate about

I have already mentioned this in the previous section, do not write on something that seems dull and boring to you.

Before you start selecting a topic, don’t forget the list of writing essay topics examples we have created for you.

Keep your tone persuasive

Here is m suggesting you use the logical appeals of logos, pathos and ethos. This is a great way to sound persuasive.

If you search persuasive language examples, you will see countless examples of logical and rhetorical appeals in it.

I hope that this blog has everything you need to create powerful persuasive speeches, essays, texts etc. if you still have a hard time doing your essay, feel free to visit 5staressays to get an A-one essay.

Good luck!