How To Write the 5-Paragraph Essay?

We have all heard it and experienced it. From our firming school years, we have consistently been trained that the standard structure for an essay adheres to the five-paragraph rule. These sections incorporate an introduction, three principal body paragraphs, and a conclusion. In any case, is it justified, despite all the trouble? Do we truly require this customary five-paragraph essay structure?

We are not saying that there ought to be no five-paragraph essays yet we are stating that we ought not to limit the students.

The structure is considered as the preparation wheels for progressively complex essay and academic writing however does it truly prepare the students for more higher-level writing? We don’t think so.

If it was valid, at that point no understudy would have ever gone to custom writing services to find a solution to their ‘write my essay for me’ demand.

We realize that there could be different reasons like the lack of time or other significant assignments yet at the same time, insufficient writing is one of the principal reasons. The following are a few cons of this all type of essay structure.

  1. The structure limits imagination by exhibiting an inflexible structure. Word and paragraph limits play at the back of the student’s mind and therefore, he is compelled to confine his thoughts.
  2. The structure doesn’t permit the students to investigate the essay topic appropriately. They are passed on the principles and as opposed to working at discovering progressively about it, they simply stick to a couple of ideas.
  3. This doesn’t set up the students for school and higher-level writing tasks. When they are out of school, they need to write extensive and increasingly engaged essays and paper, which gets hard for them.
  4. The students don’t associate with their work. They just focus on writing and completing it, which isn’t right and destroys the student’s voice.
  5. 5-paragraph essays are incredibly exhausting to write and read and where the students are exhausted while writing it, for teachers, it is just a daily schedule and dull undertaking.
  6. When the students build up a habit for it, it gets hard for them to adjust the clear and point by point style of writing.

Great writing needs to flow and a 5-paragraph rigid structure limits this flow, which is awful for the students and impedes their learning procedure. Thus, they end up contacting a free essay writer to get done with this task.