How to Write a Research Paper Step by Step

Do you find it challenging to get started with your research paper?

Are you staring at the blank page and have absolutely no idea how to start?

Are you continuously going through the resources and don’t know how to organize them and make them part of the paper?

Are you facing difficulty in how to write a research paper?

If yes, then you are absolutely at the right platform, and I have written this blog specifically for you guys.

The following 10 steps will help you to craft an outstanding research paper and trust me once you read this blog you will not ask anyone to write my essay so let’s not waste any more time consuming and jump into the purpose of this blog.

  • Topic Selection

Ok, so this may sound simple and easy, and you must be wondering why I put such a simple thing on the top. Well, what if I tell you that most of you lose marks just because of your topic choice.

I have seen students who go for a complicated and difficult topic just to prove themselves and do you know what happens at the end?

They get D and in some cases F!! Yes, no joke.

So before jumping into any other thing choose your topic wisely.

Because you know what, it is quite easy to compose a paper if you are passionate about the topic.

So be extra careful while choosing the topic.

You can also use the guidelines that are given by your teacher to generate a topic.

Remember, if you already have a topic in your mind, but it somehow contradicts with your teacher’s guidelines then leave that and choose another one.

Sometimes your teacher assigns you the topic so no need to freak out about that.

At the end you can be an expert in the given topic, so be patient.

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  • Research 

So the hard part is done now. You have achieved one milestone by choosing a topic for yourself.


Now you should start researching the given topic.

You know this part is quite easy and flexible.

Different people research question differently on their topics. If you don’t like one paper that is relevant to your topic, then no worries. Move on quickly and search for others.

But you must know that you have to do it quickly because after all the writing part is still pending.

While doing the research part, you must do three things

  • Skim
  • Search for information that is relevant
  • Note down all the relevant information
  • Organize all The Information

Ok so now you must be thinking what to do with the information that you collected?

Simply organize them. Confuse?

Make a list of all the resources that you found relevant in step 2.

Some teachers also ask for a list of bibliography, so this step will also help you to prepare that list along with organizing your information.

This way it will be easy for you to find information quickly from the pool of information that you gathered.

You can do that either by creating a printed list or just by writing them down on sticky notes.

  • Thesis Formation 

In this step, you basically articulate your own opinions and arguments. It may be possible that you are not making any comparison even then you must make a thesis.

Your working thesis statement will give the readers an overview of what are you going to prove in the paper.

You can do this by writing a single line answer to any question like for example:

  • What is the main idea of the paper?
  • The purpose of writing the research paper?
  • Make an Outline 

Ok so some teachers will ask you to turn an outline, and in that case, it becomes mandatory to create one.

However, even if it’s not a requirement from your teacher, then I recommend that you must draw one for yourself.

As, it provides a direction to build an effective research paper.

While outlining, think critically about the things that you are going to explain in your paper. While it is quite obvious that your paper will have an intro and conclusion so the outline will help you to figure out that what are you going to write in between.

  • Write, Write and Write

Ok now finally you can start writing your paper. You must be thinking that why you didn’t do it before but trust me the work that you have done above are going to help you in formulating an excellent paper.

While writing the paper don’t be extra conscious about the word selection or grammar.

Just write.

You can do the editing part later once you are done with the writing part.

Don’t forget to cite the sources that you used while composing the paper.

Don’t copy the source’s word by word; otherwise, your plagiarism will be high. Try to write from your own ideas this way you can minimize plagiarism.

  • Edit your work

As I told you before that once you start writing your research paper try not to be a perfectionist.

In this part, you basically look for grammar mistakes, punctuations, sentence structure, and spellings.

If you feel that your paper is too long or too short now is the time that you can do the needful.

Be extra careful while editing, to make the paper short or long don’t randomly exclude and include information.

Once you are done with this, read it once again to make sure that all the mistakes are addressed.

Even after doing it, if you are doubtful then what are your friends for?

Ask your friends to proofread it for you.

Now that you are satisfied with your work cited, what are you waiting for?

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Just Submit It!!

I hope that next time when your teacher will assign you any research paper, you will not be stressed out and follow these steps.

What were your strategies to write a research paper before reading this blog?

Did I address all your concerns?</p >

Will you follow these steps?

Have you ever contacted any online essay writer?

Do you prefer taking help from a paper writing service?

Do you think ordering papers online from an essay writing service is a better option?

Don’t forget to write me back if you find this blog helpful or if you feel that there is something that I missed!