How To Write An Essay – A Step by Step Guide

To write an essay, there are several components that you need to consider at the first place. Essay writing seems a tough task among students. Whether the essay is for a class, scholarship or contest, students find this quite overwhelming.

There are a number of steps that you can take to break this task into manageable parts. The following are some of the important points that can be followed for a successful essay regardless of its purpose and type.

Generally, there are 7 steps to write a successful essay.

Pick a Topic 

If the essay topic is not assigned to you or you are given the freedom to choose a topic for yourself. Then you will have to work a little more. However, this is a great opportunity to choose a subject in which you are most interested in. Pick a topic and define its purpose.

Create an outline

For a successful essay, it is important to organize your though first before starting writing. The outline or essay structure serves as a backbone for your paper. You can create an outline or a diagram to organize your thoughts and ideas.

Thesis statement 

After choosing a topic and sorted out the ideas, its time to write a thesis statement. Your thesis statement will tell the reader about the main point of the essay. Have a look at the outline and think about its main idea.


After creating a strong thesis statement, you must write an introduction. Start with an attention grabber. You can add shocking information, facts, quote or a summary of your main topic.

Body paragraphs

Describe, explain and argue your topic in the body paragraphs of your essay. Include each main idea that you write in the outline. Include each main idea in a separate section and make sure each body paragraph follows the same structure throughout.


Summarize the main points and provide a final perspective on the topic. Include some strong statements by reviewing the main points of your essay.

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