How To Write An Argumentative Essay With 5 Easy Steps

Argumentative essays are the most well-known kind of essays found in the academic world. They offer teachers the chance to assess a student’s analytical, research and writing aptitudes.

When writing an argumentative essay you should examine an issue with respect to your topic, pick your position and discover supporting evidence to illustrate your claim.

Writing an argumentative essay requires hard work and understanding of your topic. Here is a breakdown of the writing procedure to make it simpler for you to write.

  1. Brainstorm unique topic ideas

Finding an argumentative topic is undoubtedly a difficult task, as there is continually something that individuals have conflicting opinions and perspectives about. Most of the people prefer to take professional guidance from an essay writer to select a topic for their essay.

However, keep in mind the following questions while choosing your topic:

  • When did it happen?
  • What was the underlying reason behind it?
  • Is this issue notable?
  • What should be our response to it?
  1. Pick A Side 

At the point when you choose the topic, the following stage is to decide your position. After carefully assessing both the two sides of the argument, pick the one that you strongly believe. Make sure that you pick the side you can defend easily.

  1. Gather supporting evidence 

A significant part of an argumentative essay is that it depends on real information and not on assessments. Whatever claim you choose to agree with, realize that you should support it authentic evidence. You can’t make your reader change their perspective and agree with your opinion. Just gather your actualities from solid and authentic sources.

  1. Draft an essay outline 

Having a well-structured outline makes it simpler to deal with such essays that expect students to come to a meaningful conclusion. For an argumentative essay, you can follow this outline:


Hook statement

Historical background

Thesis statement characterizing the case


Paragraph 1 (topic sentence 1, description, evidence)

Paragraph 2 (topic sentence 2, description, evidence)

Paragraph 2 (topic sentence 3, description, evidence)


Brief summary

Repeat the case

Criticalness of the issue

  1. Proofread and Revising

In conclusion, proofread and revise the essay to remove any neglected mistakes and errors.

By chance, if you do not have solid persuasion and argumentative abilities, you can take online help from an essay writing service and get a quality essay without the problem.