How to Write a Non-Plagiarized Essay

Students often feel the academic period full of challenges irrespective of the discipline they are studying. Whether students are studying in high schools, colleges, or universities they would face challenges in one form or another. Someone rightly said that a person cannot achieve success without facing challenges

Essay writing is a pivotal part of academic tenure, and professors expect every student to write a good essay. A student may try to write a very good essay, but when his professor cross-checks it on SafeAssign or Turnitin, the similarity level, intentionally or unintentionally, may seem shocking!

What exactly is plagiarism?

Writing an essay may be an easy task but incorporating someone else’s work is not. Avoiding plagiarism is critical and students have to be extra careful about that while writing an essay. A plagiarized essay might end a student’s academic and professional career as it falls into academic dishonesty. Plagiarism means a student has included someone else’s ideas without quoting the original writer.

If a student is incorporating his ideas then he has to cite those ideas as well. It is necessary to quote as it adds extra weightage and authenticity to the students’ ideas. It also gives legitimacy and shows that a student was not working all alone and other scholars also think the same about a particular topic.

How to avoid plagiarism?

Indeed, avoiding plagiarism is not an easy task but with plagiarism, a student cannot qualify for an academic degree. It means an essay must be free from plagiarism and students have nowhere to go except to write a good essay. Sometimes students may not know how to avoid plagiarism and unintentionally fall into this trap. If a professor asks you to write a non-plagiarized essay then you need not worry about it. You can avoid plagiarism by simply following these steps:

Paraphrase:After the search of relevant data, a student must paraphrase it and try to write it in his own words. He should make sure that he does not copy the verbatim of more than three words. If he does then he must use quotation marks.

Citation: The purpose of citing is to avoid plagiarism. There are various methods of citations i.e. American Psychological Association, Chicago Manual, Modern Language Association, and American Sociological Association. The requirement of citation varies depending upon the type of document.

Quoting: A quote is used, if the writer wants to add authenticity in his research paper. It should be property quoted with forty or more words within inverted commas. If a quote is not property cited then it would fall under the plagiarism. Its citation is different which also includes the page number of the book.

Self-plagiarism: If a student is using his material written in a previous research paper then it should be properly cited. This method is adopted to avoid self-plagiarism which is not acceptable on the academic level

Referencing: Page of referencing is important at the end of each research paper. It shows that the writer has gone through all the mentioned sources. Referencing may include the name of the authors, the date on which the paper was published, the title of the book or article, and the name of the journal in case of a journal article.

How to get a non-plagiarized essay the easy way?

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