How To Write A Graduate Paper In APA Style

What most of us are afraid of when we sit down to write a paper is nothing else but formatting. Formatting has come to be a thorn in every students’ side. There are different websites and articles that claim to teach how to write the perfect paper but there is a lack of consistency in the instructions.

How can a student know how to not get caught up in the endless cycle of editing, rejection, and re editing? If acceptance of your graduate paper has started to feel like a mythical concept, be assured that this will pass. Your paper will be accepted if you know what exactly to look out for when you start to put words together. The first step to writing any kind of paper no matter which formatting you are required to use is the research.

The Sources

Use only the most authentic scholarly sources that have been published in peer-reviewed journals. The stronger your sources are, the better will the foundation of your paper be. After choosing your sources wisely, formulate an organized and cohesive review. Don’t know how to do that? Just think of it as a story that you have to tell your reader. This is a story of what you understand about your topic. Be creative, make connections, and think big!

The Writing

Once you understand the topic and you have developed a thesis, the task now is to sit down to write. A healthy research paper has an introduction to the topic and a literature review followed by a methodology that explains how you will conduct your research. After the section of methods, the paper should flow seamlessly onto an analysis of your data and the discussion of these findings in the light of previous research

The next section contains the results followed by the limitations. Your professor may require some more headings besides literature review, methods, analysis, discussion, results, limitations, and references. It is never too late to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to sound like you know nothing. Most of us don’t! You can’t do this alone. Ask for help whenever you need it

The Mundane but Important Rules

I know it is the exact opposite of interesting to have to follow seemingly pointless rules of line spacing and margins but they can be the difference between acceptance and rejection. If you have come this far, brace yourself! This too shall pass. Just make sure that you leave a one-inch margin from all sides of the page and double line spacing. Every section must begin from a new page and in-text citations are necessary whenever you paraphrase some research that you have read

The font has to be set to Times New Roman and size set to 12. Align the font to the left, make sure you indent every paragraph and you are good to go. Find how you can develop your own strategy to follow these rules, you don’t have to do exactly what you are told. The result must be an essay that follows all the rules.

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