Want to Learn the Step by Step Guide of Writing a Dissertation?

Dissertation writing is basic as well as the most important requirement of the doctorate. It holds great importance in the academic career because it depicts the knowledge about the subject matter, as well as the research skills of the author. The students have to show their research skills, and their capability of understanding some problem, as well a providing its solution, based on their own knowledge and expertise, to earn the doctorate. Most of the students feel confused when they try to write their dissertation and keep pondering on how to write a dissertation. If you also belong to the lists of such students and are confused about writing your dissertation, you do not need to get worried anymore. You can learn about writing your dissertation in this step by step guide.

1. Write a Convincing and Thought Provoking Proposal

Dissertation paper is the most important requirement of the doctoral level, and it needs to be prepared by utilizing great effort and knowledge as well. So, before writing the dissertation paper, there is another requirement for writing the dissertation proposal. If you have passed that level, it is perfect. However, if you have not completed it yet, there is nothing to get worried about, because you can do it now. The purpose of the dissertation proposal is to introduce the problem you intend to explore in your dissertation. You have to provide a complete overlook of the issue, the need for conducting research over it, and how you would carry out the research process, in order to explore the issues. Moreover, you also have to discuss the expected results of the research in your proposal. In easy terms, it can be said that the purpose of the dissertation is to get the topic approved by your instructor, by clearing presenting your purpose and idea about the research topic. Once your dissertation proposal is approved, you can now start working on your dissertation.

2. Conduct a Thorough Research

Dissertation writing requires extensive and thorough research. So you do not need to read and analyze just ten to fifteen related scholarly research articles, but at least fifty research articles. It is very important to know the background as well as the present state of the research problem. Analyzing the research articles would provide the opportunity of exploring this matter. Moreover, it would also provide the opportunity of commenting on the progress of the issue, over the course of time. It can also provide you a helpful guide about the direction of future research which you can utilize in your dissertation. Most of the students become nervous when they face difficulty in locating the relevant research articles and read them. They think that they would never be able to write their dissertation. If you also feel the same, do not get worried as there are a number of professional service providers who write essay for cheap. You can also contact them and ask for professional help in writing your dissertation.

3. Develop the Structure of Your Dissertation

Once you have completed the thorough background research about your dissertation topic, develop the structure of your dissertation paper, in order to get and follow a clear picture to reach your destination. A dissertation paper should essentially include the following part, title page, acknowledgment, abstract, table of contents, table of figures, tables or graphs, introduction, literature review, methodology, findings, discussion and recommendations, conclusion and reference list. The section of introduction should include the parts of the purpose of the study, the significance of study, objectives, and thesis statement. The dissertation can be divided into different chapters, and each chapter should present the ideas and knowledge of the student in an elaborate manner. Moreover, the students should take care of the fact that they utilize the opportunity of research and explore the problem in detail while presenting the original content and ideas.

4. Start Writing Your Dissertation

Once you have developed the structure of your dissertation, you can finally start the writing process. You can utilize your dissertation proposal as a guide for writing the dissertation as well. One of the most important tricks of writing a perfect dissertation is that you do not have to work on different chapters or sections of the dissertation, according to their numbering. For example, you do not need to write the acknowledgment, abstract and then start the chapter of introduction. Once you have selected the topic, start your writing process from the chapter of the literature review. It would provide you the opportunity of exploring the background and significance of the issue, which you can utilize and discuss in the chapter of introduction. After writing the chapters of literature review and introduction, focus on the chapter of methodology. After that write the chapter of findings, discussion and conclusion accordingly. Write the acknowledgment section when you have completed your research and the abstract part when you have written all the other chapters of the dissertation.

5. Edit and Proofread

The dissertation is a very important part of the doctoral degree. It is not like the essay assignments of the college level, which you can complete in a single sitting. It requires great effort and hard work, and you need to develop a number of drafts, before finally making your dissertation error free and perfect. You do not only need to make your writing error-free; however, you also need to work refining your ideas and research included in the paper, so dissertation writing is a long process and you need to work on it quite patiently. Do not hurry to get it completed, but take your time and make each and every section a clear depiction of your research skills and knowledge.

Dissertation depicts the advanced knowledge and skills of the students, so the students need to be very careful while working on it. I hope this step by step guide will help you in writing your dissertation and you would be able to achieve your goal.