How to Reduce Stress in Student Life

Student life is hectic. It involves a lot of juggling. Scary, long all-nighters, exams, days in classes, nights on social media, discussing what color the popular girl will wear on the school party, which boy is going to be a star in quarterback, which teacher will give the toughest assignment, asking for help from friends, uncontrollable tears, wreckless laughters, are experiences of student life. There are multiple stressors in student life. Studying, socializing, time constraints, lack of energy is to name a few. My own student life was a very active phase of my life. I learned a lot and developed a strong capability of managing my responsibilities in my student life. 

As a student and a psychology graduate, I was under stress all the time. I had assignments, quizzes, presentations, research papers all jingled up and the time limit was really short. I ended up being stressed and vacuumed. Obviously, that affected my health and my wellbeing. My marks were going good, but my health was going down by the entire situation. I took Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction therapy so that my health (both physical and mental) could improve. Moreover, I changed my lifestyle. I incorporated some habits that allowed me to reduce stress, boost productivity, improve my grades and be more social. In the subsequent lines, I will detail the tips that helped me cope with the pressures and stressors of student life. 

Resource Management

I realized that I have many resources, and I need to be more pro-active to use it. Many of my friends used to buy essay online at low fares. The articles were excellent in quality and yielded a good score for them when graded. I also tried the same, and it worked well for me.  I identified my primary resources, which are health, time, attention, knowledge and skills. I allowed myself to go with the flow of thoughts so that my stress level could reduce. I utilized my healthy and active time of the day for working towards my tasks. I meditated and utilized my attention to plan for my tasks using my skills and knowledge. It helped me focus more and defined my workload for me. 

Setting Daily Goals

I developed habit of daily task management. I started using a daily goal-checklist that contained all my targets. I utilized time-windows for the completion of one project and on its completion, proceeded to next. I divided my goals into shorter goals and activities. I used my attention for task-at-hand to make sure it is according to requirements. I used my knowledge, skills and other required resources to boost the speed and quality of my learning, in the given time-period. I scattered my daily goals in a way that allowed me flexibility, self-care, dedicated goal-oriented activities and self-development time. 

Practice Time

For learning, self-care and health improvement, practice time is essential. I used to make a list of my weaknesses, my undone tasks, people I require socializing with, new learning processes and other relevant tasks on which I was doing less than expected. I used my weekend time for the practical tasks and socialization. Moreover, I took detailed notes from the work of writers who used to write my essay for me. It allowed my novice writing style to be improved. I also developed on handling the challenging situations because of my practice time learning.

Setting Priorities

An essential aspect of stress reduction is the setting of priorities. By setting of priorities, one can always find a way to ensure that the right amount of energy gets involved with the right type of tasks. I developed a list of my tasks-at-hand, ranging from most important to least critical. I found out that my priorities are varying in the context of my everyday activities. Hence, I developed action plans right in light of my priorities. My priorities included the learning tasks, socialization task, stress reduction time, and health-related tasks. Hence, I managed my routine in a way that allowed me to be more productive and yielded results in activities of my choice.

Taking “Me” time

Self-care and self-love are essential. After so many hectic developments, the practice of self-care and self-love becomes crucial. I realized that relaxation time is necessary for the day, no matter how short it might be. Making prayers, meditating, cooking, listening to music, going to a beauty bar or a spa, going out in nature and many other small, funny tasks (I play Google Trivia, too) are a sure boost to one’s energy. I still love playing video games like Call of Duty and Prince of Persia!!! 

All these tips mentioned, are a sure way to reduce stress and improve not just in life but also as a person, so make sure to give it a try!!!