How To Pick The Best Theme For Your Persuasive Essay

Learn How To Choose The Perfect Persuasive Essay Ideas

Thinking of crafting a brilliant persuasive piece for your next academic assignment? Writing a read-worthy essay entails selecting an exciting theme that is both unique & interesting to grab your reader’s attention. Good persuasive essay topics allow you to create engaging and compelling content that has the power to shape opinions and influence your readers. A persuasive essay must convince your reader about your specified perspective on an issue and persuade them to agree with you. Content crafted around an interesting theme has all the right ingredients to step up the reader experience for your audience.

Got a global warming persuasive essay to work on, one on a sports theme, say gender representation in soccer teams or another complex theme? An abstruse concept or theme can at times be too gritty to comprehend and when you’re just staring at a blank page wondering how to begin, that’s where you realize this is NOT the right persuasive essay topic for you. It’s a good idea at that moment to search for a different theme; something that encourages you to explore the subject further and write about it. Selecting the most appropriate theme for your essay is not too challenging if you put in a bit of diligence. Just use these guidelines below to pick the perfect idea for a classic write-up.

Go For A Comprehensive Research

Start by researching for some fabulous persuasive essay topics from various authentic sources. They key to selecting a great theme is your proclivity towards writing on the subject. Do you feel overwhelmed thinking about it? Do you have ample knowledge to discuss relevant arguments and existing theories derived from texts available in different sources?  Think of ideas extracted directly from personal experiences and the knowledge you’ve gained over the years for concocting the most conspicuous content for your paper.

Go for interesting themes like educational issues, sports, technological ingenuity, drugs, art, music or lifestyle focusing on key arguments that you could add to your content to make it more appealing to your audience. Always pick the most relevant, credible & trustworthy sources to justify and augment your specific perspective. Jot down a list of cool ideas you might want to write on and then narrow down your list to select the perfect topic that completely matches your writing style & creative dynamics.

Avoid A Too General Or Lackluster Persuasive Essay Topic

A topic that is too vague or too pale like abortion, world climate change or drugs etc. can lead to tedium. The entire purpose of a persuasive essay is to draw the reader in to morph their perspective on the highlighted issue and inspire them to behave in a positive way based on your suggested solution. You want to essentially choose a theme that connects with your audience, identifies a problem that they are experiencing and allows you to recommend possible solutions. Go for more diverse, funny persuasive essay topics and ideas that will increase your paper’s readership through content that people would find interesting to read.

Select An Interesting Theme You Can Easily Research/Write About

Something too serious or boring like the advantages of alternative energies will have your readers looking for another read and you don’t what that. Your persuasive essay topic should be a unique idea that can be thoroughly researched and easily transformed into a blend of creative arguments. It should be colossal enough to allow you to conjure ideas in a brainstorming session or formulate thought-provoking paradigms and persuading opinions to transform your reader’s points of view. In simple word, you should feel passionate about it and motivated to create relevant compelling perspectives.

Some challenging topics require a lot of research, or have limited supporting evidence to strengthen your stance. Try to avoid such constricting topics and focus on diverse types that are fun, fascinating and insightful so you can easily write on them. Here are a few examples you could opt for depending on your academic level:

Persuasive Essay Topics For Kids

  • Skateboard helmets should be compulsory.
  • Giving alms and food supplies to the poor should be encouraged.
  • Children should get money for doing tasks.
  • There should be human colonies on the moon

City Life is better than country living

Persuasive Essay Topics For Middle School

  • Kids at Age 12 are too young to babysit.
  • Bullies should be expelled from school.
  • Teens should be allowed to begin driving at 14 instead of 16.
  • Teachers should be provided a higher salary package.
  • Pets should be allowed in school.

Persuasive Essay Topic For College

  • Students should be able to pray in school.
  • People should follow a vegan diet only.
  • Nuclear power should be illegal.
  • It’s unethical to eat protein such as meat.
  • Violent video games have a negative impact on gamers.

Choose A Debatable Topic

Pick a debatable persuasive essay topic that is controversial and provides you with enough scope to craft argumentative content that clearly presents your specific position on the subject supported by powerful evidence. It should reflect various points of view and conflicting theories that you can argue about. The more debatable a theme, the more likely you are to draft persuading arguments that have substantial justification to make your reader agree with your claims.

Avoid topics that are too stereotype like the ‘use of cellphones during driving’ or ‘should legal marijuana be banned at a certain age’ as topics like these are too common, less controversial and may not entail too diverse an ambit for presenting informative concepts & perspectives effectively.

Get Help from An Online Writing Service

If you do not feel a certain theme from your online research is interesting enough and are cut up about the theme selection crunch you’re experiencing then a quick fix is to consult a reliable and experienced writing service. There are a horde of established and reliable academic writers available online that can provide the needed mentoring and assistance to come up with a brilliant idea for your paper.

Still fretting about your persuasive essay theme? Just skim through our handy tips above and follow the step by step guide to hand-pick the most intriguing and interesting topic for your assignment.