How to Evaluate Sources for your Essay

Adding sources to your essays and other academic papers is essential. They add credibility to your work and highlights how well you have worked on your assignment. Researching and finding such sources is quite difficult and time consuming, the reason why many students do not like doing it.

Such students turn to online writing companies to get answers for their ‘write my essay’ request and get the help they require. No matter if you are working on your essay yourself or taking help from an essay writer, you should check the sources for credibility.

Following is an easy 4 Ws method through which you can check the credibility of the added sources.

Who Write It: Who has written the paper or the online article? Is the person a professional educator, writer or scholar? Is he affiliated with any organization? Are all the contact details given clearly and completely? Write down these questions and answer them one by one. If all the information is available it is good to keep source.

What is written in It: What is presented in the paper or article? Are all the claims and arguments support each other and are presented in a well formed structure? Are there any types of errors in it? What contribution does it make to the respective field? Find answers to all of these questions before you decide to move on with the source.

When was It Written: When was it written and published? No research which is more than 10 years older should be added into the paper. Look for the latest research and papers and add those in your work.

Why was it Written: Why was the paper written? What was the main aim and agenda presented in it? Can you spot the main aim of the author and why he has written it? A good paper or academic article articulates the purpose clearly. It tells the reader about the main purpose of writing the paper in a clear manner.

Where did the Finance Come From: Who funded the research? Is the author affiliated with a reputable institute? A reputable resource will give its complete contact information, in case someone wants to reach out to them.

If you find reasonable and satisfactory answers to these questions, then it is a good sign that your sources are credible and good to be added into your essay.