Five simple tips to write a perfect descriptive essay!

Descriptive Essay is the most common type of essay; nearly all academic standards are dependent on the core concepts of descriptive essay. It is more like a vivid description of an idea, fact or subject. Descriptive essay acts as a tool to adhere to the fundamentals of creative writing. Creativity is more like extracting the last drop of intelligence from the long tired brain of a student. Getting grades is more like a “call of duty” that leads nowhere still it is important because no matter how much a student work, teachers have an innate ability to find gaps so why to work that hard? Life is too dull to stress and opt for the rote learning when you are grown up to the prime. Life is meant to live! There are some easy steps that can guide a student to write a perfect descriptive essay. These five core steps of writing a descriptive essay, jotted down below.


Brainstorming refers to the analysis of the subject of an essay. As mentioned earlier, it can be anything ranging from idea such as “future aspect,” facts like, “emotional appeals “and a subject such as “personalities.”  In order to write an essay, one has to collect background knowledge including key points. A smart student chooses a topic with a plenty of background knowledge, or there is nothing to rely on. Writing an essay is a volunteering task, it is more like reflecting yourself as a literary warrior. An important thing to note is, descriptive essay is more like painting a picture with words and a picture is incomplete without prime colors. In Descriptive essay, prime colors are the avenues where a student can find his interest. Isn’t it much fussy? Calm brain calm! Brainstorming is all about locating an interest either it is a fact like “honesty prevails,” a subject like, “Malcolm X” or a stance like, “Always easy to go!”

Selection of the topic

After detailed brainstorming, a writer should choose a topic by keeping just three simple strategies in mind. The major and simple trick is to choose a topic that is well known to a writer because there is no time to jumble up with unique topics. The second trick is to write about a personality because they are void of literary mess and easy to reflect. The last but not the least trick is to opt for a general topic where a student can express certain view, much like global issues. However, it is better to write about your favorite topic because heart has a stronger rule than head. It will not only be a literary adventure out of the box, as well as grade earner. Well, life is too short to address academic challenges, what matters is, “grades” so why to waste time over books? Go and visit some cheap essay writing services that can bring a perfect essay on your phone or laptop. Usually, scam is the connotation of hybrid work, but life is all about taking risks so smart students should consult writing services that can provide a teacher’s mind and perfection right at your doorstep. 


Introduction is more like making the readers know about the subject. One should keep a single thing in mind that teacher is an evaluator, not a synthesizer so; introduction should be compact and accurate. A good introduction is the one that is followed by a thesis statement which is the respiratory system of an essay, and it is as easy to narrate as the bio of the social media application, attractive and informative. Once you have incorporated the thesis statement, now your task is to sit back and expand the chunks of a single each in one paragraph but make sure that each of the fragments is a connection to the other chunk. Now the question is how to write a thesis statement? If you are well known to the topic, thesis statement is not a difficult task; it is more like defining the body of an essay in terms of fragments.  


Structure is the ladder to an essay. Without structure, one cannot address the quality aspect of an essay. There should be a step by step approach towards essay writing, taking into account the importance of structure. A simple example of structure is the placement of bricks in a building. A good example of a well-structured essay is more like an appealing landscape, just the right amount of shades and colors. In a descriptive essay, shades and colors are the facts and figures that a writer describes in an essay. Usually, the word structure scares students, but it is not as scary as it seems to be. A student has to collect the facts, place in chronological order and then elaborate them much like china clay. Making five to six connected paragraphs is more than enough to reach the heart of stoned will evaluator.

Informative and skimmed conclusion

Only a student can understand the fear and hurdle of student, side by side one of the great problem is that starting and ending of writing is the saving edge for a student. In order to get good grades, the conclusion should be informative and skimmed. A well written descriptive essay should be effective enough to address the key points mentioned in the body of essay, taking into account that in case of facts, there should be a personal narrative. In case of a stance and subject, there should be a universal and general conclusion that can address the negation or stress of the essay head. In a nutshell, descriptive essay is itself a stance, a simple collection of facts and figures about a particular subject. Leaving behind all the headbanging and philosophical reading, just follow these five points and reach the level of “affectation” that will hit the heart of an examiner and then a brilliant result.