Fifty Persuasive Essay Topics to Impress your Instructor

Selecting the topic for persuasive essays is one of the most difficult tasks which most of the students dread.

If you are also one of those students, we have prepared a few lists of persuasive essay topics so you can easily pick one according to your choice.

The persuasive essay topics have been categorized according to the level and interest of the students.

So, explore the lists and thank us later.

Persuasive Essay Topics for College

  1. Feminism is devaluing motherhood.
  2. Following one’s suitability and comfort level is more important than the following fashion.
  3. Kids’ cartoons must be scrutinized for inappropriate content.
  4. Sportsmen taking drugs to improve performance should be banned immediately.
  5. Traditional classes are better than distant learning.
  6. Classrooms should have background music to let the students better focus on learning.
  7. Banning weapons production can reduce terrorist activities across the globe.
  8. College students should be regularly provided with mental health counseling.
  9. Female students should take part in wrestling and boxing.
  10. Sociopaths and psychopaths must be sentenced to death.

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

  1. Joining the army should be a choice and not a compulsion for young people.
  2. The religious discussion should not be allowed in schools.
  3. Dealing with embarrassing moments in life build the confidence of the individual.
  4. Money cannot ensure happiness.
  5. Modern youth has developed addictive personalities.
  6. The older generation can learn a lot from the youth, besides teaching them.
  7. Positive thinking makes life easier and happier.
  8. The tax rate should be higher for rich people.
  9. Violent video games should be banned.
  10. Modern youth cannot survive without technology.

Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. School or college bullies should be rusticated immediately.
  2. Patrol police should always carry loaded weapons.
  3. Parents should pay children for household chores.
  4. Soda drinks should not be served in school cafeterias.
  5. War can never bring positive outcomes.
  6. Students should be taught to earn and donate money.
  7. Security of human beings is more important than their privacy.
  8. My siblings are not a blessing.
  9. Graffiti is the art of the future.
  10. Charity is used as the source of converting black money into white money.

Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Gay marriages should not be allowed.
  2. American legal system support discrimination of minorities.
  3. Watching television is more beneficial than reading books.
  4. Health benefits and transport facility should be free for senior citizens.
  5. Urban life is more tiring and energy-consuming than rural life.
  6. Open-mindedness is the best coping mechanism.
  7. Children should be allowed to drive.
  8. Dating in the workplace should not be allowed.
  9. Children should be separated from abusive parents.
  10. Repeat offenders should be charged with the death penalty

Funny Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Bad decisions make a person wise.
  2. Funny pick-up lines help in the development of a serious relationship.
  3. Endless memes can be made on my mother.
  4. Life is troublesome due to your horoscope.
  5. Girls are more interested in diamonds than makeup.
  6. It is your major duty to annoy your parents.
  7. Life is useless without indulging in troubles with your friends.
  8. Guys are more interested in gossip than girls.
  9. Never add your parents on Facebook.
  10. Drinking should be allowed at schools.