Educational Institutions should concentrate more on Communication Skills to Enhance Essay Writing

An educational institution (university/college) is one of the most critical phases in any individual’s life before he/she embarks on the journey of their professional career. The purpose of these institutes is to give those tools to the students which are necessary for survival. These tools are of different types; the student should be academically strong, the student must know how to thrive in a professional environment, students can negotiate their worth and most importantly they can communicate and express their self. Before going to college or university, students do not have any idea about professional life. It is the responsibility of colleges and universities to make their students realize the importance of communication skills in their lives and its influence over their writing capability.  

 Essay writing service is an effective way to describe your thoughts on a particular matter. There are different forms of essays which can be utilized to polish the cognitive skills of students — for example, argumentative essays, opinion essays. These essays can help students to have a critical approach to a particular problem. If you are reluctant to write an essay, you can ask writing service providers to ‘write my essay for me’. In this way you will get a more clear idea of how to write different types of essays. By learning the art of writing essay the students would be able to gather their thoughts in a more structured way, which is imperative in their professional life. If you have effective communication skills, then your ability to write essays will be more enhanced because communication skills give you the ability to understand the problem at hand. There is a vast difference between student and professional life. And if students enter the professional life without having any knowledge about it can be disastrous. A college is a place where you have a chance to polish your hidden raw talent. But a must have talent is the ability to convey your thoughts on paper. 

Communication skills give you the ability to understand the situation and after that writing give you the skills that are necessary to implement your thoughts on any situation. Professional life is very stressful and demanding, and handling the stress and pressure of this phase is a skill. To master these skills, universities, and colleges should teach students how to communicate and also participate in extracurricular activities. Verbal communication and written communication are interlinked. You cannot write about anything if you do not understand it and you can only understand anything if you have adequately communicated on the matter. To be able to communicate and express your feelings is as necessary as writing an algorithm or learning the periodic table. These not only help in professional life but also personal life. To be a good human is equally important as to be a sound engineer or a good scientist. 

The employers look for a diverse candidate for a role in their company. They want their employee to be able to take multiple responsibilities. Employees should be able to perform such tasks which are not mentioned in their job description. They should be able to handle stressful situations, for example, to convey the narrative of their company to potential clients, or to write applications, emails, and memorandums. If you are only a good programmer or a good economist but you do not have any about leadership, or you lack decision-making skills that will be a nightmare for you.

There are examples of such cases, where employees are fired because they were not able to make the right decision or there written communication skill are not efficient and being fired from a company may put you in a situation where you will not be able to pick yourself up. To be a competent professional, you need to be a good essay writer so you will have writing experience. To do that you need to get the services of professionals.

Just as academic subjects are taught to students in colleges, topics like communication skills and essay writing skills should also be included in the curriculum. Activities should be conducted to enhance leadership and essay writing qualities in students. 


  • Students should be made to watch movies that imitate conversational skills. Because by watching such movies, it will enable the students to share and receive ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Films can teach students the fundamentals of conversation and communication skills after watching movies teachers should ask questions related to effective communication techniques. 
  •  Adequate communication includes both listening and speaking to others, and sometimes listening is more important than conveying your thoughts. In colleges, teachers should give students reading assignments in class and then other students should be asked questions from the reading. By doing this students will be able to understand other people perspective which can help them in their essay writing also. 
  • Students should be asked open-ended questions so that they can answer more than one word. This technique can help in essay writing skills because essay questions are also open-ended questions.
  •  Students should be involved in actives which aid in critical thinking abilities. These activities should be carried out both verbally and in written assignments. It will give students to respond to questions critically and critically. As essay writing is mostly based on the critical response of the writer, this activity will improve the basic skills that are required to improve essay writing. 

Essay writing is a handy tool that can be used to nurture your thought process. It can be used to convey your ideas in a structured and mature manner. Essay writing is the first step to increase your efficiency of writing other documents which are required both in academic career and professional career. Focusing on effective communication skills will give you the ability to understand different topics and ideas, and after grabbing the central theme, you can very quickly write an essay on the topic. Universities/colleges should encourage and engage students in participating in activities that strengthen their communication skills by which they can write compelling essays.