Confused about writing compare and contrast essay! Learn the tricks here!

Essay writing is an important part of the academic requirements at the high school and college level. The students have to write a number of different types of essays, to the extent that they get fed up and ponder upon the purpose of essay writing. So, the basic purpose of essay writing is to polish the writing, analyzing and understanding skills of the students. Compare and contrast essay is one of the most important types of essays, which is also an important requirement of the academic. Most of the students get confused when they are given the task of writing the compare and contrast essay; however, it is not a difficult task, and you can easily master it. The students have to take care of the fact that they include similarities as well as the differences between the two topics under discussion, to make their essay a perfect piece of writing. You can write an eloquent compare and contrast essay by following these six effective tips.

  1. Analyze the Two Materials Again and Again

The fundamental requirement of the compare and contrast essay is that the students are well aware of the two materials regarding which he/she has to compose the essay. Most of the times, the compare and contrast essays are about the historical events, places, or the comparison and contrast of two art forms, artists, literary pieces etc. so if you have got the task of writing the compare and contrast essay, make sure you read the two poems or short stories or whatever it is, again and again. In the case of historical places, you should visit the two places at least twice, so you can become familiar with them, which would provide you the opportunity of comparing and contrasting them.

  1. Make Jotted Notes of Similarities and Differences

Most of the students think that writing a compare and contrast essay is a too difficult task; however, it becomes quite simple when the students make the jotted notes of the materials of the essay writer. So, in order to decrease your difficulties, make jotted notes of the important points of the text or the important elements of the piece of art.

  1. Develop a Structure of Important Points

After you have read the materials again and again or visited the place, and took the jotted notes during the process, you can start working on the development of your essay. Try to develop the structure of your essay by including the details about the similarities and differences. Make an elaborated list, while giving preference to important points.


  1. Craft the Outline

The next step is crafting the outline, which would be much easier when you have already worked on the structure of the essay. Include the hook statement, thesis statement, topic sentences and concluding sentence in the outline. You can also include the major similarities and differences in the outline, in order to keep track of the essay.

  1. Add Details and Evidence

Once you have crafted the outline, you just need to add the details in the essay. Work on the introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion of the essay. Do not forget to provide the supporting and details of the similarities and differences. Moreover, take care of explaining one point in one paragraph. If you are still nervous about writing your essay, you can take professional guidance and ask the representative, can you help me write my essay.

  1. Edit and Proofread

After writing your essay, do not hurry to submit it. Take your time to edit and proofread it. Check the organization of your material, as well as correct if there are any spelling, grammatical or sentence structure errors. Once you have checked everything, you can now submit your essay.

Crafting compare and contrast essays is not a difficult task; however, require some organization. You can easily craft an eloquent compare and contrast essay by following these tips. If you know some other trick, do not forget to share them with us.