A Guide for Cherry Picking the Best Persuasive Essay Topics

There is no doubt in the fact that either school or college, there is always going to be a teacher who will assign you to write a persuasive essay. While that might not seem like a difficult task but selecting persuasive essay topics can be tricky at times.

Look at it this way, the topic of your persuasive paper is the first thing that your instructor will be reading. So, make it as interesting and attention-grabbing as you can.

Below are a few steps that will give you the guidance you need to select the perfect essay topic:

1. Attention-Grabber

Make sure that the persuasive topics that you use are interesting if not the reader will get bored just by looking at the main title.

Below are a few interesting essay topics that will help you understand what we are trying to say:

  1. Is animal testing justified?
  2. Should physician-assisted suicide be permitted?
  3. The music industry is controlled by the mafia that is why the CD prices touch the roof.
  4. Like pregnancy tests, the HIV tests should also be made available in the drugstores.
  5. The restriction on hunting should be dependent on environmental areas.
  6. Medical marijuana prescription should be allowed to all the doctors.
  7. Women still suffer from the glass ceiling effect.
  8. Need for human medical experimentation.
  9. Dating in the workplace is ethically wrong.
  10. Death sentence for sex offenders.

As you can see the above mentioned persuasive topics pack a punch and immediately hook the reader.

2. Be Clear

Make sure that the topics that you are choosing to write your essay on are clear and they do not project any vague meaning. The correct use of grammar is essential in the title as well.

3. Avoid the Use of Jargons

There are times students end up using jargons in their essay, which is a complete no. The thing is that being professional with your academic writing is essential to leave a good mark on your teachers.

Avoid using vague and nonsense terms in your essay topics.

4. Follow your Interest

Above all, every essay writer should keep one thing in their mind that a good essay can only be written if you choose a topic that you are interested in. When an individual writes about what they like and has an idea about, it always turns out to be good.

5. Use Facts

The use of facts in persuasive topics can help with the persuasion of the audience right of the back. You see when you start your essay from an already proven fact, the audience tends to get hooked from the very start

6. Professional Help

It is alright to seek professional help!!

If you ever feel confused about selecting persuasive essay topics, there are many sites you can reach to seek help from professional essay writers. They will help you choose the perfect essay topic for your persuasive paper.