8 bizarre ways to tackle the monster of Writing

Either you are a student, employee or running a business of your own, there is one thing common and tricky which you will be facing for sure, and that is “writing.”

Writing is an essential part of your life. Like it or not, you need to deal with it in countless situations. Most of the people find it extremely difficult and stressing to write.


It is because writing demands one to be inventive and creative.

To some people writing even a short paragraph is like a mountain to climb. They feel nervous and confused and feel like their head is in clouds of ambiguities.
And why not? Their reputation in school, college, work station, or in a company depends on it.

Are you that person too? Do you find writing an extremely difficult thing to do?

You are utterly wrong!
Monster of writing is definitely hard to control, but it is never impossible to tackle it.

Do you want to write outstanding and remarkable content like flowing water?



Read the article below that folds the curtains away from the secrets of tackling the monster of writing. 

Why is writing even important? 

Teachers use all of their skill and work hard to improve the writing skills of the student. It is an essential part of our education system.

Have you ever wonder why?
Teachers know how much important writing is going to be in one’s life, they know it will be the most significant part of students’ lives when they will step into their careers and start building up their future. For that, they make sure to assign different tasks like essays, research papers, dissertations, and thesis, etc. to polish the creativity and writing skills of a student. It really works for students when they step into the phase of career building.

It is so much important without a doubt that if you are not good at writing and write something horrible, it will directly affect your reputation.

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If you are looking forward to improving it on your own . . . . . here are some amazing tips:

1- Make sure you are good at basics 

First thing is first. Your writing will be a horrible nightmare if you are not familiar with the basics of writing. Make sure you have a strong grip on grammar, punctuation, and sentence structuring rules. 

2- Read a lot

Reading a lot is the solution to a million problems. By reading, you get the idea of how professional authors write. You learn about different structures and formats and the way of expressing what is inside your mind. 

Read the content of others opens up different locks inside your mind and you start getting amazing ideas about your own content. 

3- Write what you admire 

Writing becomes fun and a lot more interesting when you start writing what you are interested in. Your passion your interests, clear the pathway of words and everything starts making sense.

Do not start about writing in which you have no interest, it blocks your mind, frustrates you, and your mind starts thinking writing is just not your cup of tea.

4- Always remember! Outlines are your best buddies 

It is always the best option to make an outline before writing on any particular topic. Why? Outlines help you set a plan that how what and when you are going to write.
When you have a whole plan in front of you, you find it super easy to write and grasp smoothness in your work.

5- Edit, edit, and edit

This is the most significant part . . . . . 

Look for all the mistakes that you have done and edit your content. Check if you have made any grammatical, punctuation or a typo mistake while writing and correct it. 

6- Remove all the unnecessary words and details 

Once you are done writing. Make sure you remove all unnecessary words and details that you have mentioned in your content. Make sure that your content is error-free and classy in quality.

7- Be brave to write what you think 

Do not hesitate in sharing your thoughts. Write whatever comes in your mind with confidence. Remind yourself that you have all the freedom to express.

Do not think what others will say about your thoughts and perspectives, and remind yourself that your opinion and your thoughts are unique and they deserve to be written on a paper.
This confidence, motivation and bravery will invoke the writer inside you, and your fingers will start casting a spell on paper.

8- Always do your research 

Never ever start writing blindly on the topic that you have chosen because sooner or later you will find yourself short on words and everything will stop making sense.

Remember! Your content is valueless if you do not add the information that it deserves. Make sure you research the particular topic thoroughly before writing. This way, you will observe fluency in your writing clearly.


Use mentioned above ways and make the monster of writing bow down to its knees once in and for all. 

Do you have any other idea that helps even better for writing fluently? Feel free to mention it in the comment section below. We will love to know it.

The secret ingredient. 
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