6 Tips to Write a Spectacular Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essay is one of the basic forms of essays, which is mostly assigned to the students of high school level. However, the college level students can also get the task of writing the descriptive essay, in a different context. Most of the students find the task of writing such an essay as quite boring, while it is quite interesting and creative in reality. The purpose of the descriptive essay to describe the topic in a great deal. Most of the times, the descriptive essay are written about some personality, place or event, while talking about the personal experience, feelings, as well as the surrounding of the scenario. If you are unsure about writing the descriptive essay, you can learn it by following these tips.


  1. Brainstorm the Topic

So you have been assigned the task of writing a descriptive essay. The very first thing that you need to do now is to brainstorm the topic. The basic part of any writing procedure is to select the topic, and you should not just pick any topic randomly, because it can affect your grades. The instructors would try to check your creativity in the essay, and that would also be depicted by your topic, so choose it carefully. Do not get pressurized by it as well, just try to pick the topic which attracts your attention and in which are interested.

  1. Develop a Structure of Details

Once you have selected the topic, the next step is to develop a structure of the details of the topic. Descriptive essays are mostly based on the experiences of the writer, and it is very important to include the thought process, feelings and emotions of the writer, at the time of experience in the essay. Moreover, it is also very important to present it in a manner that the readers are able to read between the lines and get a grasp of the mood and feelings of the author. So think about the little details of the experience or event about which you are going to write and develop the structure, in order to not forget anything at the last moment. I hope this will help your understanding of how to write a descriptive essay.

  1. Craft an Outline

After considering even the minute details of your experience, move to the next step of writing the descriptive essay. Craft the outline of the essay, while including all the important points in it. Try to include the hook sentence, thesis statement and the topic sentences of every paragraph, and the concluding sentence as well. Developing the outline will help to get a refined structure of your essay, and you can follow it, in order to craft a spectacular descriptive essay.

  1. Add the Details

If you think that you have just wasted your time, by crafting the outline. You are mistaken as you can now utilize the outline of the essay and fill in the necessary details. Do not forget to concentrate on expressing your feelings and expectations at that particular moment of your experience, as it is quite important to keep the interest and attention of the readers.

  1. Refine the Sentence Structure

Most of the students commit many mistakes when they try to write about their experiences. Their writings turn out to be quite abrupt. So, before you finalize your descriptive essay and submit it to your instructor, you need to recheck a few things. When the students are taught how to write an essay in english, they are specifically guided about the sentence structure of the essay. So, refine the structure of your essay, in order to make it engaging and interesting.

  1. Edit and Proofread

You can surely write a spectacular descriptive essay by following these tips and share your experience and other helpful tips as well.