6 Storytelling Elements to Add into your Narrative Essay

Storytelling is an important and essential part of any narrative, be it an essay or any other type of writing. Stories engage us and this why we are so attracted to them. For most of the students, creating and introducing this key element into their essays, which results in less effective write ups.

However, professional companies and writers know how to work on various ‘write my essay’ requests and help the students do well in their assignments.

For a better idea of what storytelling elements these writers add into the assignments, we have discussed these elements below.

1.Characters: No story could be formed without characters. There are two kinds of characters, flat and round and a good story is made up of a mix of these two types.

2. Plot: The trail of events that help move the story forward and connect different events together. It includes an explanation of major events of the story.

3. Point of View: The points of view could be the first persona narrative in which a character or the narrator uses personal pronouns such as ‘I’ to tell the story. And the other is a third person narrative in which the narration is given from a third perspective.

4. Setting: Every story has a setting which is the place, time and social setting of the story. This helps the reader to understand the narrative with its historical background.

5. Theme: It is the central and focal point of the story. It is the main idea around which the entire story and plot revolves.

6. Style: This is the way through which the writer has explained and presented the entire story. It involves language, syntax and style of narration and tone of the story.

These elements work together to give the story a proper shape and help the reader in connecting with it. Without these, no story can be formed.