6 Smart ways to survive bullying in high school.

Bullying is the hottest social evil that has been under debate for years. Even today, our system has failed bitterly in closing its chapter.
It is not limited to a specific platform either you are a student, employee, or part of any group, it can find its way to you.

Most of the people face this issue while they are in high school. When bullies see someone physically, emotionally, or socially weak, they tease that person with all what they have got.

Their main aim is to dominate on those who are weak, make them feel bad about their selves, take advantage of them, and mock to feel satisfaction.

Remember! No one gets satisfaction this way.

Are you that student too who has been bullied in high school for no reason at all? Are bullies making your life hell and you are having the hardest time of your life? 


Don’t you want all of this to go away once in and for all?
You will be thinking you cannot fight them back and it is impossible for you to handle them.

Well . . . . . . You don’t need to fight them at all!

There are many smart strategies and ways which can help you handle your bullies. Want to know what are they?

Just read the whole article below and learn. 

Why do you need to survive your bullies?

Do you hopelessly accept the fact that bullies were written in your life, or your life is just the way it is, and that is how things are going to be?

No! Stop thinking like that . . . . .
You don’t deserve a life like this; you deserve all the best that is in this world. It is your right to live with freedom and do whatever you want to do without being under someone’s “rule” and fear.

Why does one become a bully?

First thing is first. Your very first strategy should be knowing your opponent. Do you know how does one become a bully? No? The reason behind is very sad . . . . 

According to psychological research, those who become bullies in their life usually have a rough and abusive past.

 When someone sees a lot of aggression in his/her surroundings or experience different painful things as a child, such things stick to that individual’s mind and leave horrible impacts on his/her behavior.  

When that individual grows up, he/she releases his/her frustration out on those who are weak and helpless and find it good, cool, funny and satisfactory.

This is sad, isn’t it? 

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Instead of physically or verbally fighting them, or letting them what they do, you need to follow mentioned below smart ways to handle them. 


  • Find friends wherever you go.


Make as many friends as you can. Bullies know that your friends will back you up in every hard situation and they will fail to accomplish what they seek.
Try to use the buddy system in your school. Stay in a group of friends every day. Why? Bullies avoid those who have a whole group of friends because more people are a threat to them.
Remember! Strength and unity help a lot in high school. 



  • Get the support of adults.


If you think your bullies are crossing the line and things are out of your hands. You can talk about it with your parents, teachers, principal, or any trustworthy adult.

They will make sure to find a way to stop your bullies. Bullies will know that they have been exposed and their actions will cost them penalty; they will avoid coming around you this way.



  • Talk to a professional 


If you feel your mental health is suffering from the actions of bullies, you can talk to a counselor and take professional help. This will reduce your stress and depression level. 

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  • Socialize 


According to researches, bullies target those more who have a limited social circle or who prefer being alone. They consider that person socially weak, thinking that he/she has no support at all.
Make sure you socialize wherever you go and as much as you can. You will see bullies will avoid coming near you. 


  • Do not feel bad for anything 


You know that bullies have a very rough past, and all they have learnt in their life is making other people’s life hell. They cannot help it; it is not all their fault.

Their personality and their acts mirror what they have been through in life. 

So don’t feel bad about their mean actions when you know you are better and at a high level than they are.


  • Be confident 


Remember! Being confident about your style, your body, and yourself is the best strength that you can have. 

Make sure you invoke this strength while you walk by these bullies and give them the response of their bullying as if they don’t even exist and their actions are not as fun as they think they are.
When bullies do not get what they were looking for, they leave you alone.



You can easily handle your bullies and give them no chance of bothering you by dealing them with mentioned above tips. Follow them and make your life heaven on earth. 

Have I missed anything? Do you think there are more smart ways of handling bullies? Feel free to mention them in the comment section below and let everyone know.