6 most helpful ways to insanely grow and thicken your eyelashes

People all around the world are crazy for healthy and long lashes serum. It’s a fact that not everyone can have lashes like these.

 So, people are going for artificial methods like wearing fake lashes or gluing them for a long time period.

Such methods are annoying, and they give eyes unnatural look.

But why go through such irritating procedures when you can enjoy naturally grown and thickened lashes of your own?


Having eyes that are naturally curtained by thick and long lashes steal everyone’s breathe away and give a dreamy look to the face.  

Who does not dream of thick and healthy eyelashes?

It’s obvious . . .  No one! 

Tell honestly . . . .  Do you not want eyes like that? 

Yes? Read the article below and learn 6 most helpful ways to insanely grow and thicken your long eyelashes. Dive in. 

1. Apply Castor Oil

Believe it or not but castor oil works like a magic wand for eyelash growth. Apply it just for two weeks and bipati bapati boo!

You will be blown away by seeing insanely progressive results. Give it a must try. Make sure you click on write my essay for more information regarding eyelash growth. 

2. Massage your lids

Massaging eyelids not only soothes eyes but it also enhances the blood circulation in eyes which is necessary for a relaxed mind and good hair growth.

If you massage your eyes gently every day 3-4 times for 5-6 minutes you will boost your blood circulation in eyes which provide a healthy room for dreamy eyelash growth. 

3. Apply coconut or olive oil

Other than castor oil, olive oil, and coconut oil are the best remedies for eyelash solutions. They enhance the growth of eyelashes in no time. Make sure you apply these oils for more than 3 weeks to see expected results. 

4. Use petroleum jelly 

You already know that there are countless advantages of using petroleum jelly for various purposes, right? 

But the best one is, it can be used for what you seek.

Yes . . . . . to get breathtaking, thick and healthy eyelashes, make sure you apply petroleum jelly daily. 

5. Comb your lashes 

Combing eyelashes increases blood circulation which is of utmost importance for hair growth. Make sure you comb your eyelash two times a day. Make it your habit; you won’t regret doing that.

6. Take a break from applying makeup.

Applying makeup, mascara specifically, is not good healthy eyelashes.

The average rate of losing eyelashes increases if you daily apply mascara or other makeup products on your eyes or eyelashes.  

Take a break from applying makeup on eyes and then use hacks as mentioned above and wait for effective results.

Few more tips: 

  • Avoid your eyelashes from pulling. While curling many girls pull them unintentionally. Remember! They easily fall out as roots of your eyelashes are not strong enough.  
  • Remember! Daily care can be very effective for your eyelashes, but such treatments cannot take control over your genes. 
  • Remember! No treatment works instantly so be patient about it. If you want more information take assistance from essay writers for hire they can help you a lot by providing helpful and outclass content.  
  • A person normally loses 4 eyelashes in a day. If the rate of losing eyelashes is more than that, consult your physician and ask him to check your thyroid glands. 


Get insanely thick and long lashes in less than a month by using above mentioned tips and ta-da! Enhance your beauty!
Was this article helpful? Have I missed anything? Do you know more amazing hacks about the natural growth of eye-lashes? Feel free to mention in the comment section below and let everyone know. We will love to have your precious feedback.