6 Basic Elements to Consider While Selecting Essay Topic

Essay writing is the basic requirement of the academics at the high school and college level and sometimes even after that. Each and every student has to submit a number of essays during the academic years.

Most of the times, the instructors provide the essay topic to the class, while at other times, they leave the task of selecting the topic to the students. Just the thought of selecting the topic makes most of the students nervous and unsure about their capabilities.

They think that they would never be able to select an impressive essay topic and therefore, they would also not be able to submit an engaging essay. If you are facing the same difficulty, there is no need to get worried anymore.

You can select an exciting and engaging topic by keeping in view following six basic elements.



  1. Consider Your Interest

One of the most important elements which the students should consider while selecting the essay topic is they should follow their interest. Most of the students commit the mistake of following the general practice of choosing the topic.

 They think that if other students of the class have opted for some topic, they need to follow the suite. However, you do not need to do so, because if your instructor wanted all the students to write my essay about the same topic, he/she would have assigned one. So, when you have the opportunity at your hand, utilize it well by pursuing the topic of your interest.


  1. Consider Your Understanding

One of the most important thing which you should keep in mind while selecting the topic is that you are familiar with the topic. Do not go for the topic for which you have to study from the basic level.

On the other hand, do not follow the other students who try to pick a difficult topic, just to impress the teacher. If you try to pick a totally unfamiliar topic, there are more chances of committing mistakes.

So, ensure your understanding of the topic before you finalize the topic of your essay. If you are looking for the persuasive essay topics, you can write about gun control laws, animal rights, and euthanasia. Just pick your stance regarding the topic and try to persuade your readers.


  1. Narrow down the Topic

Another important element to consider while selecting the topic of the essay is that it should not talk about the whole wide world. It would only add to your difficulty and endanger your better grade in the essay. So, do not forget to narrow down your topic, before you finally start writing about it.


  1. Explore in an Interesting Manner

Another important element to keep in view is that you should approach the topic in an interesting and engaging manner. For example, if you want to write about slavery, you need to find an interesting approach to explore the topic.

Try to discuss the topic in the context of the United States of America. Do not compromise on the length of the essay, as assigned by the instructors, as it can affect your grades. So, you can further discuss the topic, while limiting it to its specific timeframe.


  1. Reuse Some Previous Topic

One of the tricks of selecting the essay topics is that you can reuse some previous topic as well. Although it is mandatory that the students have to submit a new essay every time, you can reuse the topic of some previous essay by molding it.

Do not forget the fact that you can only reuse one topic once or twice because if you kept using it, you would not be able to write a new and impressive content. For example, in the case of argumentative essay topics, you can use the topic of your persuasive essay writer and present the arguments about the two sides.


  1. Conduct Research

If you are unable to reach some engaging topic, after following all the above points, do not worry, because there is still one option. You can take help from the internet sources and conduct research about the essay topics.

You will get a lot of options; however, you need to carefully opt for the one, while considering your interest, understating and the subject of the essay.

I hope these tips will help you in selecting your topic and submitting a refined essay. If you know about other tips, do not forget to share with us, as well as provide your feedback.