5 Things to Avoid While Writing Descriptive Essays

Writing an essay and specifically, the descriptive essay is the greatest fear of most of the students. Students mix the descriptive essay with the narrative essay which becomes the source of their poor grades, as well as phobia of essay writing. They do not try to learn the difference between the two types of essays and start thinking that they cannot get a grip of the essay. You need to know, to err is part of human nature, and you do not need to get worried anymore, because you can still correct your mistakes by learning. Being well aware of your difficulties, we have come up with the list of the things which you need to avoid while writing your descriptive essays.

1-Improper Essay Organization

One of the most common mistakes that the students make in their descriptive essays is the improper organization of the essay. They start talking about any random concept while perfectly shedding light on the topic of their essays. It is very important to stay focused while writing your essay and you can do that by crafting a detailed outline. The outline helps the students to keep track of their points, as well as organize the sentence structure of their descriptive essay in a perfect manner. In addition to it, it also helps to explain each point in the limited space and not drag a single point.

2-Excessive Use of Adjectives

Another common mistake which the students need to avoid in their descriptive essay is the excessive use of adjectives. Most of the times, they think that they can only elaborate and describe their topic by using adjectives. In their attempt to do so, they use more than two adjectives in every other sentence of the essay, which creates an impact of the stuffed essay. So, do not make this mistake when you write an essay as it does not make your essay impressive in any way, but make it less attractive and boring as well. Use the adjective in a proper manner to give an attention-grabbing impact to your descriptive essay.

3-Absence of Metaphors                               

Another common mistake in the descriptive essay, which becomes an important source of poor grades of students, is the absence of metaphors. While writing a descriptive essay, it is very important to include the metaphors and transition words as well. However, most of the students neglect it and just keep writing without explaining or describing the topic with the help of metaphors, due to which they fail to differentiate their descriptive essay from a general essay. So try to avoid this mistake in your next descriptive essay, in order to ensure your better grade.

4-Including too Much Personal Opinion

The purpose of the descriptive essay is to shed light on the essay topic by explaining each and every aspect in great detail. The students just have to include the details while using the metaphors, in order to increase the understanding of the readers. However, most of the students make the mistake of writing their descriptive essay according to their point of view or opinion, which is wrong. When the students are taught how to write a descriptive essay, they are specifically guided not to make it their opinion paper, so try to avoid this mistake in your essay.

5-Improper Referencing

One of the gravest mistakes which the students make not only in the descriptive essay but in any type of writing is the improper use of references. Sometimes they use unreliable sources as their reference. While at other times, they make the mistake of using the wrong writing styles to include their references which impact their grades. So pay special attention to the referencing section of your paper, in order to ensure that it is perfect and would not become the source of your poor grade.

I hope you will be careful while writing your descriptive essay and would specifically avoid the above-described mistakes. Do not forget to share your feedback with us, if you find these tips helpful.