4 Brilliant ideas for you to survive bullying in your college

Bullying has been the darkest social evil of our society for ages, and it seems like nothing can close its chapter once in and for all.  

It may find its way to you either you are an employee, student, or belong to some ethnic group, it is not limited to any specific platform. 

The main objective of bullies is to take control of those who are lesser in power, take advantage of them, mock them, and make them feel bad about their selves.

Always remember! No one in this world has found satisfaction this way.
Are you a victim of bullying too? Have you been bullied several times in your college for no reason at all? 
Have your life become hell, and you find yourself trapped in the maze of depression?


You would be in seventh heaven if all of this vanishes, right? 

Do you think I will ask you to fight them?  


Instead of letting them what they do or verbally or physically fighting them, several brilliant ways can save you from bullies. 

You’d be eager to know about them, right? Read the article below and learn brilliant ideas to survive bullying in your college. 

1. Make friends in all places.

 Having lots of friends everywhere is the best strategy to avoid bullying. 


Bullies know that if they come to you, your friends will wholly support you and they will fail in their aims for sure. 

Remember! All you need is a buddy system in your college. Make sure to stay in the circle of your buddies every single day. 

Why is it important?

The more you have friends and people around you the more it will become difficult for bullies to threat.  

Keep that in your mind, unity and strength help a lot in surviving bullies in college. 

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2. Get the support of higher authorities. 

If you think your bullies have crossed all the lines and there is nothing left to bear, you can always talk about it with higher authorities.

Bullying is a crime in many colleges, and they are severe punishments and fine for making such horrible attempts.

 So, you will have the full support of higher authorities in this matter; they will make sure to get you out of this trouble. 
This way bullies would avoid coming close to you because they know they will face a huge penalty if they did what they do again.

3. Make sure you talk to a professional about your situation.

If you feel like depression has got you bad and your mental health has been affected to extreme because of bullying, make sure you take professional help. 
Having counseling sessions help a lot in calming your mind down and lowering the rate of depression in your life. 

4. Do not let depression eat you.

Research has shown that bullies usually experience a very rough childhood or past and even live in a disturbed environment which makes them do what they do.

They have learned from their surroundings to make life hell for those who are weak. 

It’s not their fault they can’t help it at all.

So never ever let depression eat you and make you feel like you are any less because of their horrible actions. Know that you are above them and better than them. 

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Handling bullies is not an impossible thing to do. Just follow above-mentioned tips, and that’s all . . . . .
Take a deep breath of relaxation and close this ugly chapter in your life once in and for all. 

Was this article helpful? Have I missed anything? How do you think bullying should be handled in college? Feel free to give your precious feedback. We’ll love to know from you.