100 best traditional compare and contrast essay topics for students

What is the first step when you get an essay assigned? The first step is to choose a topic. Yes, this is where students get stuck. They are undecided about what topic to choose and look for advice and ideas here and there. Do not worry, this article will not only help you with the guide to writing a compare and contrast essay, but it will also help you by providing 100 best traditional compare and contrast essay topics for students of high school, college whether they are beginners or pro at essay writing. 

The essence of compare and contrast essay

When it comes to compare and contrast essay, you need to draw a parallel line between two objects or people, and then you need to choose a topic to work on. In short, “compare” means similarities and “contrast” means differences that you are going to discuss. Essay writing is something which is a creative task. And do not ignore the topic choice; it is something which will make your essay rock or shock.

The structure of the essay is fundamental. Its structure is the same as the other academic essays, you need to have a thesis, and in conclusion, you must restate the thesis. Students find this essay a difficult one and request write an essay for me to the professionals. 

Keep this in mind! A compare and contrast essay demands creativity and full attention. You need to talk about facts, important points, and arguments. Like any other essay, it also needs references and outside sources to prove your points. 

So, how can you choose the best topics for compare and contrast essay? This question arises in the mind of every student who starts working on the assignment. You can look into the newspapers, news channels, movies and on just a click you will get to know the best topics. Remember, the key is to choose a topic which has maximum points to cover. 

Points to keep in mind

Topics for compare and contrast essay can be about the personalities, two movies, two objects, two movements, two eras, two social issues, two technologies and what not. There is an infinite list to blow off your mind. Get excited! Here are the 100 topic ideas that you can use in you compare and contrast essay and impress your teacher with the essays having maximum points to cover. 

  1. Hitler and Joseph Stalin
  2. Putin & Obama
  3. Bugs Bunny and Charlie Chaplin.
  4. Churchill vs. Lincoln 
  5. Batman VS Superman.
  6. Plato or Socrates
  7. Hobbes or Locke
  8. Lincoln and Washington
  9. Shakespeare vs. Dante
  10. Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs 
  1. Renaissance vs. Baroque Epoch
  2. Night Time and Day Time
  3. Winter or summer
  4. Male friends or female friends
  5. Friends vs. Family 
  6. TV vs. Newspaper
  7. Laptop vs. PC 
  8. Tennis vs. Volleyball 
  9.  East vs. West 
  10. Dogs vs. Cat 
  1. Movie in Cinema vs. Home
  2.  3 star and 5-star hotel 
  3. Car vs. bicycle driving 
  4. Christmas vs. Halloween night 
  5. Poverty vs. Richness 
  6. Feeling sad vs. happy 
  7. Beach vs. Mountains 
  8. Hard work vs. Smart Work 
  9. IELTS or SAT
  10. Being a teen vs. being a toddler
  1. Essay vs. Research Paper
  2. College paper vs. term paper
  3. Analytical essay vs. descriptive essay
  4. Statistics vs. Accounting
  5. Living at Home or Living on Campus
  6. MLA vs. APA 
  7. School vs. College
  8. College vs. University 
  9. E-books vs. Printed Books 
  10. Love and Hatred
  1. Working in Office vs. Work from home
  2. Education or Professional Career
  3. Art vs. Science Classes
  4. Academic vs. Scientific Writing
  5. Greek and Roman Culture
  6. Chinese vs. American Culture
  7. School exams against college examinations
  8. Paid Education vs. Free
  9. Remote learning vs. attending a traditional school
  10. Vegetables & fruits
  1. Acting to lying
  2. Harry Potter: book & movie
  3. Waking up early vs. late
  4. Public school vs. private 
  5. Fiction or Nonfiction Literature
  6. Parental control or full freedom
  7. Wooden houses or story buildings
  8. Portugal & Spain
  9. Being scared of being bored
  10. Angel vs. Devil
  1. iOS & Android
  2. Car Travel vs. Plane travel 
  3. Marijuana & LSD
  4. Skiing vs. swimming
  5. science vs. technology
  6. George Bush vs. Barack Obama
  7. Communism and liberalism
  8. African vs. European Community 
  9. Judaism vs. Christianity
  10. Jesus Christ and Buddha
  1. Hollywood & Bollywood
  2. Yoga and Pilates
  3. Hard rock vs. pop music
  4. Ethnic & sexual minorities
  5. Online vs. real-life dating
  6. Comparison of two decades
  7. Bible and the Quran
  8. Positive stress vs. Negative
  9. Part-time v. Full-time job 
  10. Health vs. Sickness
  1. Gym vs. walk 
  2. Manufacturing jobs vs. service sector jobs.
  3. Twilight & Buffy
  4. Real Madrid & Barcelona
  5. Android vs. Windows 
  6. Tablet vs. Mobile
  7. Mobile vs. Laptop 
  8. Pdf vs. Printed 
  9. Realism & modernism
  10. Poetry VS prose
  1. Jails & Asylums
  2. Greek VS Scandinavian Mythology
  3. Boom vs. Recession 
  4. New York times vs.  Forbes
  5. American Dad VS Family Guy
  6. Atlanta Falcons or New England Patriots:
  7. High School Examinations vs. College Tests
  8. Coke vs. Pepsi
  9. Reading or Watching
  10. Facebook or Myspace

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