10 Tried and Tested Tricks of Crafting an Engaging Narrative Essay

Have you ever been assigned the task of writing the narrative essay in your college life or high school or even before that? Is your answer a ‘no?’ Then, think and tell me have your teacher ever asked you to write about your experience of summer vacations, or some visit to the historical place, etc.? I am sure you have written about at least one experience during your student life, and that was actually a narrative essay. So, you were not aware of the fact that you were writing the narrative essay and your teacher was training you without making you scared of the difficult words. If you think that you do not know about narrative essay writing, you are mistaken, as you know about it. Still, if you feel confused, there is no need to get worried, as you can always learn the new tricks, which can help you in crafting an engaging narrative essay. You can explore these tried and tested tricks to refresh your memory and skills.


  1. Think about the Topic

One of the most important purposes of the narrative essay is to share the experience of your life, which is memorable, impactful or thought-provoking. So, you need to pay extra attention while selecting the topic of your narrative essay. Think if you would be interested in reading the experience of some other person regarding that particular topic. Your selected topic should provide a moral lesson or message to the readers, which is an essential element of the narrative essay.

  1. Prepare an Outline

Once you have selected the topic of your narrative essay, start the brainstorming and prepare an elaborate outline of your particular experience. Writing is a time taking a procedure, and writing a narrative essay requires even more time and effort. Although the person has the first-hand experience of the knowledge included in the paper, however, it is quite essential to cut out the unnecessary details and make it engaging and attractive, and that can only be possible by working on the outline of the narrative essay.

  1. Develop a Detailed Story Line

After developing the outline of your essay, try to think about the particular details of your experience. Every story has some setting as well as the time of happening, so this is your chance to include that description. In addition to it, introduce the characters of your experience or narrative. Try to construct an image which is presented in short stories of the book.

  1. Focus on Clear Point of View

One of the most important parts of the narrative essays is that it should focus on a clear point of view.  The narrative essay should clearly convey your point to the readers, and you can ensure that clarity by including the hook statement in your essay. A hook statement is the first sentence of any writing piece, which makes the readers aware of the purpose of the writing. So, utilize this opportunity to tell the readers the main motive of your essay.

  1. Add Support or Proof

Providing the support or proof of your thinking or actions is important in the narrative essay. It does not mean that you have to provide some proof that you actually experienced the scenario; however, you have to provide the support of your claims and experiences. If you were motivated to do something, then mention the details that why were you motivated and why you did not have any other option. It is important while write my essay to consider the engagement if the readers in essay and such support of claims would ensure it.

  1. Avoid Unnecessary Details

Another important thing to consider in the narrative essay is to maintain the interest of the readers which can diminish if you provide unnecessary details about your experience. Try to avoid the unnecessary details about the characters which are not directly linked with the scenario and present the other details in a clear manner.

  1. Avoid Difficult Vocabulary                                  

One of the most important elements which ensure that the narrative essay is attractive and engaging is the use of simpler but attractive vocabulary. It does not mean that you have to use the difficult terms or vocabulary to get the attention of the readers. However, it counts as a negative thing, as the readers would get trapped in finding the meaning and lose interest in the essay.

  1. Uncover the Details in Chronological Manner

Another most important thing to consider while writing the narrative essay is to present the details in a chronological manner. It would be more attractive and attention grabbing for the readers if the scenario is unfolded in an organized manner. On the other hand, if it would not be organized, the reader would get lost in keeping track of the incidents.

  1. Edit the First Draft

When you have composed your narrative essay, do not just submit it and make the effort of editing the first draft. There are chances that you forgot to include something which created a gap in your description or included the unnecessary details. So take the chance and remove every possible error from your writing.

  1. Proofread Final Draft

The last part of the narrative essay writer has to proofread the final draft, in order to ensure there are no spelling, grammar or sentence structure errors.

I hope these tried and tested tricks will help you to craft an engaging and attention-grabbing narrative essay. Do not forget to share your experience with us, as well as inform us about the other tricks which you found helpful.