10 most helpful tips to quit smoking once in and for all

Smoking is the worst illicit in this society. Its poison roams around slowly in your body and destroys everything in its way. It is the doorway to millions of diseases and ruins one’s life from thousands of angles.

Leaving this worst kind of addiction is difficult but not impossible. Those people are lucky who get it earlier that what they are doing with their life is completely unfair.

Are you that person too who thinks he/she has done enough damage to his/her body with his/her bad decisions?


Congratulations! You have made the wisest decision of your life. There is nothing in this world better for you if you are thinking about getting your health back and leaving this wicked illicit.

But . . . . . .

Do you think it is going to be hard and you may not control yourself from puffing another cigarette?
Well . . . . In the start, maybe you do feel like it is hard, but remember! It is not impossible. You can fight it back and close the chapter of smoking once in and for all.


Read the article below and learn some of the most helpful and easy tips to quit smoking forever. 



  • Set your date


Mark a date on your calendar from which you will start leaving smoking. In the start, you may go through this common misconception that you will not even survive a day without smoking.
When you look up to the calendar every day, it will help you a lot in motivating that you have successfully passed days without smoking a cigarette and you can do the same in upcoming days as well. 


  • Keep looking on the bright side


Keep yourself reminding that you are doing an amazing job and you have made the best decision of your life.

Think of all the good things that you are going to accomplish by leaving this one particular thing.

Remind yourself that you will start living a healthy life and there is nothing in this world better than that.
Listen to the motivation lectures over the internet and paste motivational quotes on mirrors, doors, and refrigerator of your home. Doing that will give power to your mind that it needs against you craving for cigarettes.


  • Puff your final cigarette and make a vow 


Sit back and start puffing a cigarette, make a strong vow that after this one, you are never ever going to puff any cigarette in your life again.

 Make a strong decision at that time that you will stop taking this poison, and you deserve better than all the harmful and toxic things in your life.  


  • Fightback with physical withdrawal


Remember! In the start, your body will continuously crave for cigarettes, and it is completely normal. All you need to do is to fight it back.
You will feel like you are not feeling well, you will experience that the metabolism of your body is working differently, and it will definitely bother you a bit.

But . . . .

Remember! You are stronger than you think you are. Remind yourself this in that phase, and you will fight back all the annoyance.  


  • Socialize normally


Do you think if you avoid smokers it will get more comfortable for you to quit?

Nay! It does not work that way! 

Hang around smokers normally and confidently refuse if they offer you one. It will make you feel brave and strengthen your power to quit. 

  1. Feel free to think about smoking. Do not avoid it.  

Do you think if you do not think about smoking it will help you?

A big no!


It is because smokers and cigarettes are everywhere and you will start craving it badly whenever you will see one.

Think about it as much as you want to think, do not avoid it, but along with that remind yourself about all the bad things about smoking and all the good things that you are going to get if you quit it. 


  • Don’t even puff one cigarette after you make the vow


Remember! You will continue craving cigarettes for a long time. Do not fell into the trap of your own mind which will trick you and insist you take just one cigarette.

Keep that in your mind, that one cigarette can blow your whole quit-smoking plan.

You don’t want that, do you?


  • Write 


Writing whatever you feel in this phase helps a lot. You feel better and motivated.

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  • Avoid all the substitutes 


Don’t even think of taking substitutes like gums, e-cigs, nasal sprays, or patches. They only make you believe that you are sacrificing something important. 


  • Ditch your cigarettes like non-smokers 


Avoid cigarettes just like non-smokers. Think that you have never even had a single cigarette in your life before and you are avoiding it because it brings a pile of diseases.


Remember! Motivating yourself, empowering your mind, and a strong will are essential for leaving any type of addiction. Always look on the bright side during your phase of leaving cigarettes and keep reminding yourself about all the treasures that you are going to get after it.

That’s all . . . .

Have I missed anything? Do you have a better idea that is helpful to quit smoking? Feel free to mention in the comment section below and let everyone know.